2 sty 2012

2011 PFS Rank - Strikers

This is the second edition of Polish Football Scout Ranking but the rules have changed this year – instead of my own opinions, a selected panel of experts put nominated players in direct order that gave them points – 5 for the No. 1, 3 for the No. 2, 1.5 for the No. 3 and 0.5 for Special Mentions. They were very harsh and at several positions top spots were empty, while at others only one or two footballers deserved to be picked. Out of twelve categories, only three players were given the maximum number of points by each expert and there are definitely few surprises. More information about experts and results in all categories can be found at special page – 2011 Polish Football Scout Ranking.

3rd place – empty

2nd place – Tomasz Frankowski (Jagiellonia Białystok, 16.08.1974, 172/64) – 13.5 points

A surprise? Not really, if you consider how much he is still worth for Jagiellonia, if you see his class on the pitch – can he be the classiest footballer in Ekstraklasa? Certainly, with his technique, use of energy and football brain, there is a potential that should be regarded also for Polish national team – sadly, he can count only on coaching role there, though he still scores more often than most of the strikers Smuda has! Very wise player, calm one, intelligent and a pleasure to watch. Unbelievably, he is 37…
He is still the best forward in Ekstraklasa… and he doesn´t need to run… - Kibu Vicuna
He should be going to Euro 2012 but not as Lewandowski’s coach but his subMichał Szadkowski

1st place – Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund, 21.08.1988, 184/78) – 25 points

What a player he has become in last twelve months. This season, one of the top performers for club and country, he developed his game – he is now stronger, working harder, more classy and calmer finisher. All round, he improved his game and will be the best outfield footballer Poland had for some time now. Enough said – the 2011 belongs to him.

He surprises with constant progress. Great as a striker and as good as the one who plays a bit deeper. Quick decision-making, he is not an egoist on the pitch. We can have a Polish Shevchenko!Maciej Chorążyk
By far best Polish player, just as contemporary forward should play. Active, often in the middle, but good striker as well Andrzej Gomołysek
Far beyond anybody else. Top performer this year Michał Zachodny

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Paweł Brożek (Trabzonspor, 23.04.1983, 180/72, 3 points) Sadly, his move abroad never paid off but still remains important for the national team. Marcin Robak (Konyaspor, 29.11.1982, 182/78, 2.5 points) Nobody gave him a chance when he moved abroad after short and good spell in Poland but he is playing reasonably well, very strong player, worse finisher.

Also ranked: Ireneusz Jeleń (Lille, 09.04.1981, 182/74, 0.5 point), Artur Sobiech (Hannover 96, 12.06.1990, 187/75, 0.5 point), Arkadiusz Woźniak (Zagłębie Lubin, 01.06.1990, 184/75, 1.5 point)

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