2 sty 2012

2011 PFS Rank - Central Midfielders

This is the second edition of Polish Football Scout Ranking but the rules have changed this year – instead of my own opinions, a selected panel of experts put nominated players in direct order that gave them points – 5 for the No. 1, 3 for the No. 2, 1.5 for the No. 3 and 0.5 for Special Mentions. They were very harsh and at several positions top spots were empty, while at others only one or two footballers deserved to be picked. Out of twelve categories, only three players were given the maximum number of points by each expert and there are definitely few surprises. More information about experts and results in all categories can be found at special page – 2011 Polish Football Scout Ranking.

3rd place – Adam Matuszczyk (1.FC Koln, 14.02.1989, 183/73) – 10 points

Pretty medicore last year for him but that shouldn’t mean that he is overrated player at all. Matuszczyk still has a lot to do if he wants to develop, has a huge potential and just had a bad year – for his club and national team. Good passer and technician must step up to the role is destined for – a leader for club and country – but he may be too silent and calm on the pitch. Hard tackling style doesn’t suit him at all and he struggles in Bundesliga in tougher games but can take advantage of his skills – simply haven’t done it enough of times in 2011.

For the national team coaching team, he is the best central midfielder we haveMichał Szadkowski
Worse year for him, definitely he struggled and is in need of a move somewhere elseMichał Zachodny

2nd place – Sebastian Mila (Śląsk Wrocław, 10.07.1982, 178/67) – 12 points

What a year did he have with his club – you could count his bad games on one hand to be honest and in the first round of the last season he was hugely and deservedly criticized for his fitness form. But that’s a story long gone and now he is untouchable in Lenczyk’s tactics, also as a captain he has a significant role to play for Śląsk in the second half of the season. Making assists, leading the team in tough moments (like in Dundee), scoring and showing his brilliance in passing, he was one of the best Ekstraklasa performers in 2011. To think that before he moved to Śląsk, at the age of just over 25, he was supposed to be finished as a player. Nothing like that.

The best player in the first round of the league 2011-12Kibu Vicuna
He can lead the game, take the responsibility on himself. Almost forgotten, he took Śląsk to the top spotMaciej Chorążyk

1st place – Adrian Mierzejewski (Trabzonspor, 06.11.1986, 177/66) – 19 points

With a mixed opinions coming from Turkey about his performances, he is often judged on the basis of the player he was last season for Polonia. Maybe the title for the best Ekstraklasa player in 2010-11 was too much but he really did well, was a true leader despite many thought he would never do good in that role. His skills helped him of course, although at times Mierzejewski still struggles to hold his nerve, but needs to stabilize his form if he wants the success on the European stage. The talent is there and surely he have enough quality to be vital player for Trabzonspor but all depends on him – the same goes for his role in the Polish national team.

A "different" (creative) player in the national teamKibu Vicuna
Great technique but he does look lazy at times on the pitch. Must improve his performances, stabilize his formMichał Zachodny

SPECIAL MENTION: Janusz Gol (Legia Warszawa, 11.11.1985, 182/77, 3 points) Better year for him since the move to Legia – can anybody remember that he was booed out by fans? He stepped up, played very well and many believe he should be picked ahead of Vrdoljak.

Also ranked: Szymon Pawłowski (Zagłębie Lubin, 04.11.1986, 176/70, 1.5 point), Bartosz Salamon (Brescia, 01.05.1991, 194/84, 1.5 point), Mateusz Klich (Wolfsburg, 13.06.1990, 183/68, 0.5 point)

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