Worth Reading

Here you will find a decent number of useful football links of my choice...

90 minutes - the best football news site in Poland (and in Polish)
Ask4Sports - Sports Science and Scouting
Britski Belasi - football in Slovakia, the best coverage known
Ekstraklasa TV - goals from Polish top-flight among other useful videos
European Football Weekends - traveling and watching football? And it does get better than that at EFW!
Euro Odds - The latest betting odds and markets for the European Championship football tournament.
Football Gibraltar - yes, they play football even there!
Gannin' Away - great reports on football games all over the world, whatever the level
In Bed With Maradona - WHAT?! You don't know what it is?!
Inside Futbol - worth visiting every day
Polish Futbol Blog - more Polish football for you...
Portugoal - best coverage of Portugal game
Ryan Hubbard - and his take on modern football
Scouting in PZPN - if you want to play for Poland and have Polish roots, why don't give yourselves a chance?
Scouting Romania - finest Romanian football in it, Radu Baicu delivers
Spanish Football Info - exactly what it says
Stoppage Time - international football blog
Surreal Football - you may love or hate them, always worth looking though
Taktycznie.net - Polish finest blog about tactics
The Ball Is Round - one of the best football blogs
The Gib Football Show - great stories from Gib
The Scottish Football Blog - yes, you guessed right!
The Swiss Ramble - finest financial research on many football clubs on the internet!
The VodkaYeti's Guide to Poland - you coming to Poland soon? A must-read then!
Tic Tac Tic - Scottish tactics explained
Transfer Market - very useful database
Zonal Marking - he may be "Zonal Whoever" for Owen Coyle but is brilliant for every football fan