24 gru 2010

2010 Polish Scout Ranking - Strikers

Final position of my ranking but tomorrow you should be back here to read a piece about managers… Yes, we have few of them and they are worth another piece about them. Strikers? That position was one of easier and while I didn’t have problems with top spots, I had some concerns about places from fourth to fifth.

Following opinions and positions, as in every rank, are only of my own and you may disagree with me – if you do, please comment.

5th place – Paweł Brożek (Wisła Kraków, Poland, 21.04.1983, 180/72)

Missed his chance to go abroad and at times he looks disinterested in Polish league, unfortunately. Some great performances (against Legia recently) overshadowed by his mediocre showings. He looks lost and like he knew that he is too good to play in Poland or rather he was too good but missed his chance. Great technique, can hold up the ball, play it nicely, shoot…

4th place – Andrzej Niedzielan (Korona Kielce, Poland, 27.02.1979, 180/76)

His pace is still causing a lot of troubles in Polish League, shame that he lost part of the last season due to painful face injury. But he scored a lot and had fantastic start to this season and deserved call up to national team. With age he is playing more intelligent and actually improved his dribbling and technique. Great addition to Korona Kielce.

3rd place – Ireneusz Jeleń (AJ Auxerre, France, 09.04.1981, 182/74)

Why he is third and not higher? Why he is still at Auxerre? Why he still has so many injury problems? He really should be already playing in better club as his quality is unquestionable and in form he is our best striker. But his injury problems… that is his biggest upset and I can see why clubs are not ready to pay what he is worth just to send him to the doctor’s office every other week.

2nd place – Tomasz Frankowski (Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 16.08.1974, 172/64)

He should be playing for Poland still and yet he is only strikers coach in Smuda’s staff. Fantastic player, very intelligent, great technique, intuition and influence on the team. Already a legend of Polish league, shame that he plans to finish his career this or next year. Class.

1st place – Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund, Germany, 21.08.1988, 183/76)

Last season he won Polish championship and golden boot and by then looked too good for this league. Fantastic technique, great vision and even though he looks bit lazy on the pitch, he is capable of getting behind the line in one second thanks to his pace, score from distance or pass it to the partner. Already mature player and, despite slow start, Borussia made great deal buying him from Lech.

Worth mention: Artur Sobiech (Young striker from Polonia Warszawa too often looks average but he scores a lot. Maybe he is not worth million euro but definetly one of biggest talents in Polish football. Great technique) and Marcin Robak (Widzew Łódź top goal scorer is the example of the player that plays better when his thinking is… switched off. Not too intelligent but have many qualities that make him all-round striker).

That’s it when it comes down to players and you can see my team of the year HERE but watch this space for following days as similar pieces about managers and biggest Polish talents will appear during lazy Christmas time.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi! I want to write something about Artur Sobiech. Can you give me some information about him and his playing style? My favourite team looking for a striker and i wish we could get him to Trabzonspor!

  2. hi again! we signed pawel and his brother piotr today.can you write an article about them for my website? my site is cezasahasi.net and i blogging about turkish football.