22 gru 2010

2010 Polish Scout Ranking – Right Wingers

We are really close to finding out who made it to the Polish Scout team of the year 2010. Down to three positions we have today right wingers on our schedule and my Top 5 on that position may prove that quantity not necessarily mean quality – only five players made it while only one other is worth mention. But still I regard our right wingers as one of our strongest points in national team – read through if you want to know why.

I must warn you that following opinions and positions, as in every rank, are only of my own and you may disagree with me – if you do, please comment.

5th place – Szymon Pawłowski (Zagłębie Lubin, Poland, 04.11.1986, 175/69)

Very intelligent player but continuous health problems are ruining his career. He is favorite of many managers in Poland and Franciszek Smuda is no different – when you watch him playing when he is fit you immediately know why. Fantastic dribble skills, great pace and vision. Creator, not only responsible for the finale delivery from right wing.

3rd place, ex aequo – Tomasz Kupisz (Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 02.01.1990, 180/70) and Tomasz Cywka (Derby County, England, 27.06.1988, 180/76)

Those two know each-other pretty well and no wonder – both spent last four years in Wigan playing for Athletics reserves side and occasionally watching first team from the bench. But on the pitch, there is a difference. Cywka can stay on his legs much longer despite opponents on his back, also he is better passer while his acceleration could be bit better. Nothing wrong with pace of Tomasz Kupisz, as he is the type of dynamic winger with great dribbling skills and hit that he already showed in Polish Ekstraklasa. I couldn’t put one of them higher – I rate Kupisz higher actually but Cywka is playing more in Derby than his friend and in tougher league (which not necessarily mean that in better club). Both are the future of our attacking force and the one who fit them both in one starting eleven and make them work, will be my personal hero.

2nd place – Sławomir Peszko (Lech Poznań, Poland, 19.02.1985, 174/67)

He irritates me, really. Can find another player like him – inconsistent, cheeky or rather dirty and talking too much With referees… But it wouldn’t be right not to mention his fantastic qualities that made him very, very useful player for Lech Poznań this year. No wonder that they won Polish Championship and are doing pretty well in Europa League as his pace, will to push forward no matter what is simply irresistible. His quality was proven in last game against Juventus when in final minutes he was the only player that kept threatening opponents lines. If he could only change his behavior on the pitch and gain less cards… his adventure in Bundesliga (at 1.FC Koln) will last long and will be a successful one.

1st place – Jakub Błaszczykowski (Borussia Dortmund, Germany, 14.12.1985, 175/68)

Fantastic little player. Great pace, technique, dribble, stamina, spirit… and to think that six years ago he was playing in lower league in Poland. Three years at Wisła Kraków, then move to Borussia… his career is impressive but all steps are wise and he is far from those ‘stars’. No – his uncle, former Polish national team player Jerzy Brzeczek (played also in Austrian league)  keeps Kuba’s feet on the ground and advises him wisely. Is there next step for Polish winger? I have no doubts but there is always a space for improvement and Błaszczykowski has several things to work on to  succeed in Bundesliga and maybe somewhere else. At least he know that it’s worth his hard work, every day at training ground which makes him proper footballer and an example to follow.

Worth mention: Jacek Kiełb – after transfer from Korona to Lech he wasn’t given starting place and is used only as a sub. Impressed only several times and there was even a rumour that he could be back in Kielce on loan deal. No such thing will happen if Peszko moves on but he will have big boots to fill in.

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