24 lip 2010

Top 10 talents in 1st League

As season opening in 1st League (2nd Division) is nearer than many would expect, it's time to introduce all of You to players and teams. Most of the teams are ready for the start and first teams are in heads of managers. Be sure that next week You'll find here everything (well, almost) about teams, but now it's all about players. And those talented too. I got Top Ten (U-21) Talents from 1st League in incoming season.

Who: Andrzej Niewulis (POL, 21.04.1989, 187/77, CB/RB)
Where: Ruch Radzionków (on loan from Jagiellonia Białystok)
Why: likes to get forward, can cross well from byline, fast and good tackler.
Will: be valuable part of the first team.

Who: Charles Uchenna Nwaogu (NGA, 22.07.1990, 176/77, ST)
Where: Flota Świnoujscie
Why: great physical appearance, always looking for a shot, great pace, sometimes goes mental.
Will: score from 5-10 goals, look for a transfer to club from higher league.

Who: Daniel Iwan (POL, 27.07.1989, 180/76, LM)
Where: Piast Gliwice
Why: good technique, brave in dribbling, needs to improve crossing.
Will: play in at least half of Piast games.

Who: Jakub Kosecki (POL, 29.08.1990, 168/60, ACM)
Where: ŁKS Łódź, on loan from Legia Warszawa
Why: great technique, pace, great talent.
Will: impress everyone, I'm sure about it.

Who: Mateusz Słodowy (POL, 08.08.1991, 184/76, CB/RB)
Where: Odra Wodzisław Śląski
Why: intelligent, likes to get forward, crossing well, known for late tackles.
Will: be used as a substitute in Odra defence.

Who: Mikołaj Lebedyński (POL, 14.10.1990, 185/80, ST)
Where: Pogoń Szczecin
Why: great in one on ones, smart, looks for occasion, pace.
Will: fight for his place, maybe score 5 goals.

Who: Robert Mandrysz (POL, 06.01.1991, 180/73, ACM)
Where: Pogoń Szczecin
Why: great technique, steady on the ball, good passer.
Will: try to break into the squad, may start getting more minutes.

Who: Damian Jędryka (POL, 06.01.1989, 171/70, CM)
Where: LKS Nieciecza, on loan from Korona Kielce
Why: box-to-box player, ambitious, wise but sometimes too nervous.
Will: hope to retain first squad place, and then find a club in Ekstraklasa.

Who: Tomasz Hołota (POL, 27.01.1991, 182/83, CM)
Where: GKS Katowice
Why: already too good for 1st League, box-to-box, great shooter, challenging in heading.
Will: be one of targets for clubs from Ekstraklasa, hopefully for him.

Who: Dariusz Góral (POL 20.04.1991, 176/69, R-L WNG/AMC)
Where: MKS Kluczbork, on loan from Śląsk Wrocław
Why: great pace, nice dribbling skills, quality winger.
Will: be great addition to Śląsk one day.

2 komentarze:

  1. Although Goral may seem impressive playing in Mloda Ekstraklasa, he was really disappointing when he played with senior team. During match with Pogon Olesnica he didn't show anything special when he played behind the striker, also when being striker himself failed as he had problems with his positioning and anticipation and wasn't able to recieve cross balls (see also: http://www.slasknet.com/index.php?nr=8873 ). It's a good idea to move on loan as making progress in Slask seems in current circumstances nearly impossible

  2. Well, he didn't impressed in this game but we must remember that he had good time during previous Śląsk camp. He never will be a striker, it was just crazy (and wrong) idea from Ignasiak in Youth League. Should be playing as winger or behind striker. He will make progress in Kluczbork, for sure as Kowalski knows his best position and won't risk playing him out of it.