26 lip 2010

A thing about stadiums

There are not many things that polish clubs can be proud of. Actually, when I think it over and compare it to the better leagues, we have very little of it. But thanks to Michel Platini and Hryhorij Surkis, some time ago the first one opened the envelope and took out the sheet of paper on which there was simple 'Poland & Ukraine'. We got EURO 2012 organization.

Things changed. Peopled laughed that on our stadiums we could at least organize Mickey Mouse Cup for girls U-15. And this joke, two years ago was probably true, although lot of things changed. We moved on. Not in football terms, cause level of it may be not so good as it was, but finally we have a league that You can enjoy watching from the stands. Without rain falling on Your head, in seats, not on bench, getting to the stands through normal paths, not mud.

So, here it is, list of Polish teams from Ekstraklasa, with their stadiums: how they look now, and how they will look like, when everything is finished. Hope You enjoy it.

Arka Gdynia - how it WAS, is NOW, will BE (19/10/2010).

Cracovia Kraków - how it WAS, is NOW, will BE (23/09/2010).

GKS Bełchatów - is NOW.

Górnik Zabrze - in NOW, will BE (date unknown).

Jagiellonia Białystok - is NOW, will BE (date unknown).

Korona Kielce - is NOW.

Lech Poznań - how it WAS, is NOW, will BE (very soon). Arena for EURO 2012

Lechia Gdańsk - how it IS (old stadium), is NOW (build in different place), and will BE (next summer). Arena for EURO 2012.

Legia Warszawa - how it WAS, is NOW, will BE (in six months time).

Polonia Bytom - is NOW.

Polonia Warszawa - is NOW. (Although they might play on national stadium when its FINISHED - it's arena for EURO 2012).

Ruch Chorzów - is NOW.

Śląsk Wrocław - how it WAS, is NOW (build in different place), will BE (in a year of time). Arena for EURO 2012.

Widzew Łódź - is NOW.

Wisła Kraków - how it WAS (long time ago), is NOW, will BE (in three months time), it's second choice arena for EURO 2012.

Zagłębie Lubin - is NOW.

So, how do You like it? Give us a year, and we will be 67th league in the world but in Worlds Top 10 Leagues With Most Beautiful Stadiums. If there's such rank. Hopefully.

2 komentarze:

  1. This is really impressive! As far as comparison with Slovakia goes, it is not even worth trying, you are really up with the best leagues in Europe here with these stadiums. I can only dream Slovakia will produce stadiums like this in my lifetime (I'm only 28!) I am definitely coming to Poland for the Euros and with these stadiums, I think it will be a brilliant show!
    Cheers, BritskiBelasi

  2. Really nice stadiums, very impressive hopefully once all complete the level of football can improve too, would be a joy to watch then.