28 gru 2011

2011 PFS Ranking - Left backs

This is the second edition of Polish Football Scout Ranking but the rules have changed this year – instead of my own opinions, a selected panel of experts put nominated players in direct order that gave them points – 5 for the No. 1, 3 for the No. 2, 1.5 for the No. 3 and 0.5 for Special Mentions. They were very harsh and at several positions top spots were empty, while at others only one or two footballers deserved to be picked. Out of twelve categories, only three players were given the maximum number of points by each expert and there are definitely few surprises. More information about experts and results in all categories can be found at special page – 2011 Polish Football Scout Ranking.

3rd place – empty

2nd place – Tomasz Lisowski (Korona Kielce, 04.04.1985, 180/80), 11 points

Now this is a surprise. Once, of course, he was regarded as the talent or maybe even bravely described as future pick for national team, but his form was low in recent years, he failed to make an impact even at domestic level and talks of trying him in national team vanished quicker than even he thought they will. But this season is different. Even if Korona Kielce is described as a dirty team, ugly to watch and hard to play against, he developed under Leszek Ojrzyński’s wings and certainly fits to his tactics. He is very strong, hard-tackler, rarely being the second best in air and on the ground. Playing against him was described this season as a nightmare for wingers and the reasons are obvious – his never-give-up attitude, great fitness and commitment have already gained him a reputation that he only needs to develop in future months. With huge problems at this position Polish national team have, this may be enough to make him one of the candidates for Euro 2012.

Very strong physically and excellent in free kicksKibu Vicuna
Beenhakker’s forgotten discovery. Hard work and good season at Korona could be his pass to a better club and national team Maciej Chorążyk

1st place – Jakub Wawrzyniak (Legia Warszawa, 07.07.1983, 187/84), 15 points

Rarely we could see him reaching the top of his form but his place at the top of this ranking even if not playing as well as he can, shows the scale of his talent. Wawrzyniak has tough year behind him but he finally took advantage of – and probably few lessons too – Tomasz Kiełbowicz, his experienced rival at that position at Legia. Finally we could see him going forward, crossing well and even making crucial assists but even his club form shouldn’t be overlooked by the progress he made in national team. Smuda may be unconvinced about him being the number one left back in national team but from the ones he tried at this position, Wawrzyniak was the only one that played the closest to what Sebastian Boenisch could offer before his injury. Still praying for the health of Werder’s left back, Poles shouldn’t be surprised if Wawrzyniak will come out of the tunnel at Euro 2012 opening game. For the hard work done on and off the pitch this year, he will deserve that.

I may not have the biggest confidence in Legia’s left back but after Boenisch’s injury, he is the only candidate on this position for national teamMichał Szadkowski
If he is the number one, than that says a lot about our problems at that position Michał Zachodny
Proper left back for Polish League, not so bad against weaker European sides too, but only when he acts in defence. While attacking, he is too slow and too static, and often late for counter-attacksAndrzej Gomołysek

SPECIAL MENTION: Tomasz Brzyski (Polonia Warszawa, 10.02.1982, 170/68, 3.5 points) – very tough year for him and at the end he lost place at his club but nonetheless, he still had the potential to be one of the best in Ekstraklasa at his position.

Also ranked: Maciej Sadlok (Polonia Warszawa, 29.06.1989, 186/80, 0.5 point)

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