17 gru 2010

2010 Polish Scout Ranking – Left-backs

Goalkeepers – checked. Right-backs – checked. Time to see who made it to my Top Five on left side of the defence and few interesting names on the list as well. No surprises here but I’m sure You will find interesting how… poor background Polish national team has in back four. I’m counting down from fifth to first and then those who are not on the list but are worth mentioning anyway. I must warn You that following opinions and positions, as in every rank, are only of my own and You may disagree with me – if You do, please comment.

5th place – Tomasz Brzyski (Polonia Warszawa, Poland, 10.01.1982, 170/68)

Most definitely had better first half of this year even though he had to face new and unstable environment in Polonia Warszawa squad. He broke into first eleven, kept his place throughout the year and at some point was even regarded as possible choice for national team. Too old for Smuda maybe? Great acceleration, full of energy, good marking and likes going forward.

4th place – Tomasz Kiełbowicz (Legia Warszawa, Poland, 21.02.1976, 179/72)

Surely one of the best players for Legia this season? Had hard time after moving to Warszawa from Łódź but did that good that now he is regarded as legend at Łazienkowska. Fantastic delivery from set-pieces, his crossing is exceptional in Polish league, he is assisting very often at their goals. He is not young and at the end of his career with no chances of making it to the national team but his work ethic and performances for Legia this year deserve recognition.

3rd place – Hubert Wołąkiewicz (Lechia Gdańsk, Poland, 21.09.1985, 182/70)

He is getting better with every round and even his slip in form year ago is now forgotten. Deservedly called up to the national team after some brilliant performances this season for Lechia, Wołąkiewicz is also often used as center-back and even defensive midfielder but most of people see him at left-back, his natural position. Good technique, great stamina and pace… as I said, he is getting better.

2nd place – Dariusz Dudka (AJ Auxerre, France, 09.12.1983, 183/80)

Similar case as for Wołąkiewicz in terms of versitality but his experience and talent got him very high. Undervalued in France, should be something more than a player who fits in every hole in their back four or midfield. Very solid, has never give up attitude but sometimes has problems with focusing on the game. Not reaching his heights for national team as well.

1st place – Sebastian Boenisch (Werder Bremen, Germany, 01.02.1987, 191/85)

How good to have such player in our squad… Hopefully he gets to his best after recent knee injury but before that… we had to wait some time to have player like this on this position, possibly better than Tomasz Rząsa was. Very similar player to Piszczek, although with better physical appearance and has more experience in playing in defence. Great addition to our team.

Worth mention: Łukasz Mierzejewski (Despite playing for the weakest team in the league, Cracovia, he got called up but it was way too fast for him. Still a lot to learn for him but there is potential in this player), Piotr Brożek (Recently lost his place in Wisła Kraków and really should consider moving somewhere else to find his best form. I was never a fan of making him left-back but it proved good decision and he was one of the best in Polish league) and Seweryn Gancarczyk (case similar to Brożek, he lost his place in Lech as well. Highly regarded in Ukraine, fans put great hopes in him following his comeback to Poland but we have seen his best only on few occasions so far. Lot of space to improve).

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