15 gru 2010

2010 Polish Scout Ranking – Goalkeepers

I always kind of wanted to have my own award and be regarded as wise man, known for his clever opinions and choices. While the second thing is way harder, not to say impossible (somewhere there is hope, even for me), I thought that giving awards to Polish footballers for performances in last year is not that bad idea, apart from the point that I won’t send them statues they won here.

I wanted to do it only with Polish players but then I thought that there is a league and maybe include in my ranking also footballers from Ekstraklasa… Nope. It will be all about Poles and tonight we are starting with goalkeepers, probably our national treasure, by many unnoticed. Also, after presenting You best Polish players at every position, I will do a list of top Polish talents but it’s much harder and will take time. Before the end of the year it will be posted, I promise. I must warn You that following opinions and positions, as in every rank, are only of my own and You may disagree with me – if You do, please comment. Top five Polish goalkeepers and few more worth a mention.

5th placePrzemysław Tytoń (Rodav JC Kerkrade, Holland, 04.01.1987, 195/80)

I remember him making his debut for Górnik Łęczna as a teenager and believe me, I could already know that the potential in this player is huge. Great physical appearance, reflex but still lacks confidence when coming off the line. In Roda he made great progress and I believe nobody regrets giving him place in starting line-up since beginning of this year. Work hard and bigger clubs will come.

4th placeGrzegorz Sandomierski (Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 05.09.1989, 196/87)

Talking about potential… He has everything to become one of the best goalkeepers we had in last decades. Tall, confident, also reflex is his thing but must improve kicking. If he goes on like that, and he is already best goalkeeper in Polish league, clubs from abroad may come and at current price he will be bargain for them. The sooner he moves abroad, the better.

3rd placeTomasz Kuszczak (Manchester United, England, 20.03.1982, 190/84)

Unlucky to still be on the bench for Manchester United… but he simply lacks talent. All he did, all he learned, all he can is due to his hard work and confidence in his abilities. Wise guy and he has everything to be successful as goalkeeper at high European level but maybe not that high as MU. He desperately needs to change his environment, although I know how devoted he is to the Red Devils and it won’t be easy for Kuszczak.

2nd Łukasz Fabiański (Arsenal London, England, 18.04.1985, 189/83)

Well, well, well… Where to start? Finally number one in Arsenal, he won his place during that year but it wasn’t easy – all the bad moments he had, against Wigan, Porto and few other teams, simply couldn’t won him the first place here. I believe in him firmly as he has everything to be our number one but he must know that not always he will be given another five, ten games to prove his worth. He improves on our eyes but only when he knows that there is nowhere waiting for his mistake. Unfortunately for Fabiański, there is young Wojciech Szczęsny at Arsenal and few more goalkeepers in national team…

1stArtur Boruc (AC Fiorentina, Italy, 20.02.1980, 193/88)

Not the easiest person to have in the team and Franciszek Smuda could tell You few things about that. Banned from Polish squad for drinking while on international duty, he refused that his destination is only place on the bench in Italy. Helped by Frei’s injury, showed why Fiorentina decided to sign him from Celtic. Had few tough years but now stabilizing his life and it can be seen on the pitch. Mistakes still happens, especially when it is down to kicking the ball rather than handling, but on his day he is (almost) unbeatable. Juventus players may tell You a thing about that. Focused on the game, fantastic reflex, has the character and knows his worth. Also crazy. Proper goalkeeper.

Worth mentionWojciech Szczęsny (fantastic spell at Burnley, he got some playing time at Arsenal, made his debut for national team but still not the top five – but I’m sure that in two years time he will be first or second in my ranking), Łukasz Sapela (first choice at GKS Bełchatów, probably has the best reflex in Polish league, maybe someone will be wise enough to buy him out from Ekstraklasa top clubs) and Łukasz Załuska (I know he failed at Celtic when given a chance but I never thought that he will be second Boruc for them. He is very solid but not that class and he will be back – lower level but regarded as good keeper).

4 komentarze:

  1. Michal,

    I like your selections and before I read your best keepers, I thought if Michal puts Tyton in front of Kuszczak and Sando then he has no credentials hahaha

    Boruc, will always be number 1 for Poland, no one ATM can match his skill level, which is World Class.

    Fabi, has looked a bit more comfortable but still needs more time to get to his prime, by time I mean games played not sat on bench.

    Kuszczak, I hope moves, because he is a quality keeper and should start immediately.

    Szczesny, looked very good in the past two games I watched apart from his kicking which will improve. He is definitely our next buggest talent.

    Great work Michal.


  2. Good to see Boruc at number one, although I understand recently he's not exactly been number 1 for the Poland national team... who was?

    I think Fabianski might be a little shy / lack confidence to be a truly great goalkeeper, and Kuszczak seems to have dwindled his career away rotting on the MUFC bench. Sad really.

    But going by Szczesny's performance on Monday, he has an outstanding future. Looked confident, assured, good handling and seemed to have that little spark of brilliance (Rooney chip)

    Zaluska had a massive chance at Celtic but blew it I'm afraid. We thought he might one day fill Boruc's boots but sadly his all-round play isn't good enough. His shot stopping is very very good, but one on ones, in the air, and general consistency was not good enough. He won't be back for Celtic, but perhaps one day a Premiership team might take a punt...

    Nice article, love this kind of thing.



  3. Thank You both for comments.

    I honestly think that if Kuszczak will move this winter and will get starting place wherever he goes (and by that I mean proper european club) he will be our first choice keeper for EURO 2012, although I know that Fabiański is Smuda's favorite.

    I can't see Załuska in Premier League, but Championship should be his target.

  4. Hello Michal, I have read your article, and I can't believe You said Kuszczak had no talent. In the first place, no club of Man. Utd statue will take a player with no talent, secondly it's only because of the stupidity of Fergusson he is still on the bench. Van der Sar is well overrated, he is sloppy and average at best. The only reason he got FIFA keeper of the year, and his clean sheets, because of the great play by his team, not because he pulled any great saves. Any keeper has to work hard to reach the top, talented or not. Frankly, I don't know how do you determine who has talent and who has not ? Please explain. To me a player who works hard, leads a good life, is worth thousand times more, than the one who ruins it by behaving like an arsehole, while still being branded as the greatest. I have seen Kuszczak best saves, and I can tell, it takes more than just hard work to pull it off.You obviously have never played in the goal, and probably you don't see the finer points of goalkeeping. One can tell the difference between two keepers doing the same dive just by slight movement of their feet, then the final execution. Kuszczak is at the top of the scale for the sheer degree of difficulty. He always delivers and the sooner Van der Sar goes and Fergusson stops drinking his vintage whiskey, the better. Regards Jack Please send me e-mail:verodom@netspace.net.au