19 gru 2010

2010 Polish Scout Ranking – Defensive Midfielders

Last night I’ve completed defence formation and now it’s time to start working on midfield. There are voices that my choices  are surprising, few names are missing – that’s obvious as I simply can’t control every league, every team and every footballer. I tried hard to find out how good season candidates had and believe me, cutting from 10-15 names to just eight is not easy. Even with our midfield players as we have fairly decent players that come out and should be respected.

I’m counting down from fifth to first and then those who are not on the list but are worth mentioning anyway. I must warn you that following opinions and positions, as in every rank, are only of my own and you may disagree with me – if you do, please comment.

5th place – Przemysław Kaźmierczak (Śląsk Wrocław, Poland, 05.05.1982, 190/80)

Fantastic physical appearance and one of best deals made by Polish clubs this year. Śląsk got him on free transfer and it proved to be fantastic addition to their squad as he scored five goals and generally proved his worth with high rated performances. All of those in my opinion as his form was not recognized by media and Franciszek Smuda. Too old for national team? Bollocks – he is strong, can hit the ball very hard, fantastic delivery, great headers… Too confident at times and Kaźmierczak is lacking pace but should be at least given a chance.

4th place – Mariusz Lewandowski  (PFK Sevastopol, Ukraine, 18.05.1979, 184/82)

Once named in best Shakhtar Donetsk eleven but was shown doors in the summer and moved to Sevastopol where he found starting place and from what I heard, did great job he is famous for on the pitch. Fantastic stamina, pace and great passer as well as tackler but too devoted to Ukrainian football maybe? Fans watched him in UEFA Cup, know his talent and he still has the ability and time to make it in better league than the Ukrainian one.

3rd place – Tomasz Bandrowski (Lech Poznań, Poland, 18.09.1984, 177/65)

I’m a big fan of his as he proves to be the most intelligent player at this position in Poland when it comes down to defending the goal. Probably best tackler as well, Bandrowski guided Lech to Polish championship last season and only injury caused long lay-off in the second part of the year. Should be in our starting eleven during EURO 2012 if he stays fit and I’m full on believe that greatest transfer Lech will made this winter will be getting him back from injury.

2nd place – Łukasz Surma (Lechia Gdańsk, Poland, 28.06.1977, 176/70)

The biggest surprise so far in my ranking? Probably but he deserves recognition, even if it is on this small and humble blog of mine. His consistency this season, performing for Lechia on great level every league round this year and truly leading Lechia forward. Great and intelligent passer, fantastic stamina and on times (like Legia 0-3 Lechia match) joy to watch and learn from.

1st place – Radosław Sobolewski (Wisła Kraków, Poland, 13.12.1976, 182/79)

What would Wisła do if they had sold him during the summer along with Marcelo and Głowacki? Their leader on field and while maybe his tackling is suspect, all the other things defensive midfielder should do he is actually doing pretty well. Shame that he said no to national team couple of years ago. His passion, professional approach and qualities are all fantastic example for younger footballers.

Worth mention: Ariel Borysiuk (After awful last season under Jan Urban, he finally live up to his reputation and talent that was once recognized even by Fulham scouts. Still young and we should all thank Maciej Skorża that he pushes him to try new things, explore his potential on the pitch) and Cezary Wilk (He looked very promising in his time in Korona Kielce and move to Wisła Kraków was wise step. Committed, fantastic spirit and passing ability, although he must work on his tackling. He has Radosław Sobolewski to learn from and that’s the greatest news about him).

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