15 cze 2012

Euro 2012 - Too much fuss over keepers

"It was good result, Przemek [Tyton] did well but I'm number one and I want to be back in goal for the game against Czech Republic" - said Wojciech Szczęsny in the mixed zone straight after dramatic draw with Russia. If someone could think that Arsenal's keeper lacked self-confidence after woeful performance against Greece, then his comments would surely mean that the level of it is still relatively high.

Smuda confirmed on the press conference that Szczęsny is his number one but once again it was over to mistranslation and misundertanding of what he actually meant to say, that foreign media took for a certain decision that Tytoń will be back on the bench for Saturday's match. And even domestic media would leave this issue aside if not the fuss caused abroad - the same as it was with Smuda's claims over Lewandowski and Manchester United.

Surely, the discussion that followed was one of the most pointless debates there could have been before as important match as the one with Czechs. Przemysław Tytoń may not be overly a more skillful and talented keeper - though if to believe Poland's goalkeeper coach, Jacek Kazimierski, they are equal on these terms - but surely he is the one in form and with factual self-confidence, the one he can show on the pitch, not in the mixed zone.

However needless debate is filling sport's pages in Poland right now, it is worth to note how important the decision of keeping Tytoń in goal could be, by showing the opposite situation. If he had dropped PSV's keeper, he would have one rather unhappy played in his squad, with Szczęsny so certain about his place that it wouldn't build his self-confidence, but negative assurance, that, no matter what he does, he would be back between the sticks as soon as possible.

There are more important issues - keeping or changing the tactics, personal decisions over those players that have suffered from injuries and knocks, and those who maybe should deliver more. Smuda is unwilling to risk anything, as he has shown against Russia, while making nervous moves all over the starting line-up would definitely leave a mark on the squad. If he is rather negative about less certain changes, then he should leave the debate on the keepers aside - there are much important issues to think about than the one in which all arguments are on Tytoń's side.

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