16 cze 2012

Euro 2012 - Match of their lives

This is it. The last time Poland's national team progressed from group stages at international tournament was in 1986 and only a single goal was needed to be the third team out of four. This time is different, we have two points and two goals and need a win. Poland needs a win.

The whole nation is buzzing. Every city turned white-red for a day, the hopes are on sky-high level.

Robert Lewandowski, Kuba Błaszczykowski. Przemysław Tytoń or Wojciech Szczęsny. Is Damien Perquis fit? Will Adrian Mierzejewski play? Why Eugen Polanski said that they have to get fucking stuck in from the kick off?

Franciszek Smuda knows. He always does, doesn't he?

Suddenly, everybody has an opinion and they are ready to make themselves heard. Outside the Plaza hotel in Wroclaw, old lady asks Marcin Wasilewski to give her letter to Błaszczykowski. In the TV, an ex-hockey players tells us how Czechs will ruin the game, slow down the tempo, stop the Borussia's right side. Actress, actresses, politicians... Everybody are there to predict how it will go. And end. End only with a win.

Every car has a Polish flag in its window, there are Poland's scarfs around everybody's necks. 

3-0 is probably the most often heard prediction among Poles. Czechs are nice, yet the draw they want is not what Poland needs and it will be like a defeat.

Almost like Czechs were not there, or if they are, then only as a test-match rivals. Another Andorra. Petr Cech? Apparently making blunders week in, week out. Milan Baros? Has he scored a goal in his career? Tomas Rosicky, even if he plays, he is nowhere near the class of Błaszczykowski. Others? Who cares. 

For many generations, for majority of those who will follow closely how the game goes, this is the match of our lives. There was nothing close to that game. But we hope that in the next few days, this will be repeated.

Minute by minute, everything will go our way. No mistakes, no worries, no injuries, no cards, no drama. Goals, one, two, three. Just to make all those people, stressed and biting their nails, feel a little bit more comfortable. And give something to them, after the blind support, support after years of problems, critique and worries.

Give everyone a reason to hit the streets and celebrate. To be proud of Polish football again. Only one goal, only one game.

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