2 sty 2011

Top 30 Polish Talents

The promised piece about top Polish talents but it took me some time to prepare it, choose players wisely and how to make it. Hopefully at least few names will make it to the national team and their clubs squads.

How I picked them? First of all, I still have a list of players that may have interesting future in the game and mostly young players from two top divisions make it also from youth league. I try to follow their development, are they playing regularly, how they are doing, as far as the time lets me to do so. Unfortunately I’m not in the scouting job right now so most of this ‘work’ is done through Internet and club websites, fans forum and through my sources.

I saw personally every single player that made the list and that was the most important thing when I was doing it. I didn’t want to put someone purely because of his reputation or things I’ve heard about them. I won’t write much about single one of them, I prefer to make it more compact than the ranking about Polish senior footballers. All of them are under twenty so born in 1990 or later. I picked thirty players, five goalkeepers and five forwards and ten players in defence and midfield. Also, there will be no positions and no ranking, just names. All the opinions about every player that made it are of my own.


Maciej Wierzbicki (21.02.1991, 190/82, GKS Katowice – brave, good reflex, bad positioning at times); Filip Kurto (14.06.1991, 191/82, Wisła Kraków – good shot stopper, closer to the squad now); Filip Bednarek (26.09.1992, 187/?, Twente Enschede, Holland – confident, regular for U19 national team); Gerard Bieszczad (05.02.1993, 190/83, Lech Poznań – good out of the line, brave); Jakub Słowik (31.08.1991, 190/82, Jagiellonia Białystok – great reflex, shot stopper, already in his third senior season).


Marcin Kamiński (15.01.1992, 191/76, Lech Poznań – good tackler, no-nonsense player); Filip Modelski (28.09.1992, West Ham United, England – nice technique, likes going forward); Piotr Malarczyk (01.08.1991, 189/74, Korona Kielce – good technique, intelligent, tackling too hard perhaps); Kamil Wałdoch (04.07.1992, 178/?, Schalke 04, Germany – good vision and positioning); Tomasz Wełnicki (18.03.1990, 183/?, FC Nurnberg II, Germany – nice technique, he is fast); Mateusz Gawlik (13.08.1991, 188/82, Miedź Legnica – confident, good in the air, lacks intelligence);  Krzysztof Hus (23.07.1990, 180/69, Jagiellonia Białystok – too thin, good tackler though, good pace); Wojciech Wilczyński (18.03.1990, 175/74, Arka Gdynia – likes going forward, nice technique and pace, good hit); Radosław Jasiński (09.04.1990, 186/77, GKP Gorzów (on loan from Lech Poznań) – typical tackler, good in the air); Mateusz Szałek (16.10.1991, 180/74, Odra Wodzisław – often going forward, good technique).


Mateusz Klich (13.06.1990, 183/68, Cracovia – good vision and work ethic but worse tackler); Michał Żyro (20.09.1992, 189/78, Legia Warszawa – great pace and dribbling); Łukasz Tymiński (08.11.1990, 173/67, Polonia Bytom – fantastic work ethic, great stamina, good passer); Grzegorz Krychowiak (29.01.1990, 186/83, Stade de Reims (on loan from Bordeaux) – great technique, set piece taker, fighter); Adrian Błąd (16.04.1991, 165/62, Zagłębie Lubin – very fast, great dribbling skills, brave); Damian Dąbrowski (27.08.1992, 178/73, Zagłębie Lubin – very solid, intelligent, good passer); Mateusz Możdżeń (14.03.1991, 180/76, Lech Poznań – great technique, good pace but often goes missing in the game); Tomasz Hołota (27.01.1991, 185/83, GKS Katowice – great hit, good tackler, very strong and good passer, too nervous at times); Kamil Drygas (07.09.1991, 184/72, Lech Poznań – good tackler, nice passer, covers other midfielders); Jakub Kosecki (29.08.1990, 168/59, Łódzki Klub Sportowy (on loan from Legia Warszawa) – fantastic little player, great technique, often runs with the ball forward, great pace).


Michał Jonczyk (11.03.1992, 180/80, Górnik Zabrze – energetic, good technique); Łukasz Teodorczyk (03.06.1991, 185/76, Polonia Warszawa – good in the air, can hold up the ball forward, good technique); Maciej Jankowski (04.01.1990, 181/68, Ruch Chorzów – very fast, too naïve but also clever in the box); Michał Kucharczyk (20.03.1991, 178/72, Legia Warszawa – very mature, great one on one, fast); Maciej Górski (01.03.1990, 183/75, GKP Gorzów Wielkopolski (on loan from Legia Warszawa) – he is fast, very effective, good technique).

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  1. Michal, great list.

    What about Michal Janota? You don't think hes a good candidate for the future?

    Did you ever hear about Julien Tadrowski? He plays for Lille. Do you know anything about him?

  2. I know Janota but I've mention him in my previous ranking and I wanted to put only unknown/other players in this one.

    Heard about Twardowski but haven't seen him...