28 gru 2010

Best wishes

With new year approaching I won’t do another ranking or bashing about Polish national team – the second thing is way too easy now and even gets trending all over the media in Poland. During Christmas time all the negative things I wrote about Polish football got me thinking that I should at least try to be an optimist and generally nicer for those who gave me so many stories to write about in 2010. So tonight, it’s all about best wishes to Polish clubs and I won’t be mean at all.

Arka Gdynia - Best of luck surviving in new conditions when you move to the new ground and buy yourself a new striker as well, will you? Oh, and don’t forget that you are allowed to attack, score and win while away from new shining home of yours. 

Cracovia - So you are already at new ground but struggling in the league in the ‘Derby’ style? I’m not crazy to wish you surviving the relegation, that’s how tough it will be, but make sure that everything is done the right way in rebuilding your position in Polish football. You must prove it you deserve it.

GKS Bełchatów - After so many changes, transfers in and out, you should continue your decent work with youngsters, give another few chances in the first team, while also remember that style is sometimes more important than the results. As you did in 2010.

Górnik Zabrze - In 2011 you should finally get over that awful spell with Henryk Kasperczak in charge. Money got to your head, with many bad signings that cost you a lot, now you find yourself in bad financial shape. Get over it, spend your money wisely, believe your squad and manager and finally, get a new ground!

Jagiellonia Białystok - That one is easy – win the championship, cause you deserve it but keep your style and team, don’t let anybody to buy out your best players. Trust Michał Probierz in almost everything and have better adventure in Europe next season.

Korona Kielce - Seems to me that you already have got everything that is needed to succeed in football – decent stadium and fans, team that is build by wise manager, background etc… So make everything work in 2011, alright? 

Lech Poznań - I know it’s not easy to keep your best players when western teams come for them but just try and don’t lose all of them. Give some credit to Jose Mari Bakero for what he did already at the club and make his life easier than he had it in Warszawa at Polonia. And make league games more affordable for your fans, please.

Lechia Gdańsk - As it’s impossible to keep your best players even when future is safe and results are really good, I think you should focus on doing everything to make your move from old ground to the new one fascinating. Keep playing and working on your squad like this and it will happen.

Legia Warszawa - Wow, hell of a year that was for you, Legia, wasn’t it? So many changes, so many good and bad results, fans getting back behind the team and so on… Crazy twelve months. So do yourself a favor and stabilize things. Make your squad a bit stronger and let Maciej Skorża work on it, while do your best to make your academy work as it works now.

Polonia Bytom - Where to start… Maybe with new ground as the current one is, well, a ruin. Then get to the team and make a sense out of it as currently it is everything other – appointing former women national team coach? It may be fun but not for your fans.

Polonia Warszawa - As we are at making sense in football… Polonia, you are the definition of senseless decision making, changing managers four times every season… get over it and start behave like a football club, not circus or government, please. So many good players you have and they all struggle.

Ruch Chorzów - So in 2010 you had great last season but now are struggling a bit with weak squad? Get over it as you did with your finances and give something to Waldemar Fornalik to work on. He needs it as I don’t think that he will make more miracles out of what he has currently.

Śląsk Wrocław - You have decent squad, you can and know how to make it stronger and with just months before new stadium is opened everything should be looking great for you. But it’s not – you should focus on building background for your first team, focus on academy and reserves, invest in them, promote you club in the town cause you may struggle otherwise in new reality with 40,000 ground.

Widzew Łódź - You look back at 2010 and smile but now it seems that your team is not moving forward and it should be. You trusted Czesław Michniewicz will get you back on the right track but you need to help him and make your best players stay – if not, help him getting the ones that will replace them.

Wisła Kraków - You went Dutch in the second half of 2010 and that looked wise but now do us a favor and make your team rather Polish one than foreign. I know it’s hard given how much our players demand now but fans need familiar faces in the team. And no more shameful failures in Europe, please.

Zagłębie Lubin - First of all, get on well with your fans – the team needs support and continuing conflict between board and them is stupid – just look at what happened in Legia in last few years. Then, continue you decent work in academy and on youngsters and give them chance in first squad. That tactic is the wisest one in football now.

Best wishes, everyone!

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