27 sie 2010

Polish Weekend #4

Bit early this time, just because I have a lot to do tomorrow, and I could fail to deliver another post, with recommended games from Ekstraklasa this weekend. Not saying much more, here is my take on interesting games in the league.

Legia Warszawa - GKS Bełchatów, Friday, 20:00 For how many games You can describe Legia as whole new team, bunch of footballers and so on? Apparently, it may last for whole season and it won't be easy to face that opinion every match day for their head coach, Maciej Skorża. And about handling the pressure - Maciej Bartoszek (33-year old) is very new to this football level and as a manager, he does his job well. GKS won two games, they are playing with easy and catching eye of supporters all over the country. Predicted to be involved in relegation battle, now making a fool of everyone betting them to go down. And another game on new Legia stadium may be a joy to watch. Hopefully not only for architecture reasons.

Jagiellonia Białystok - Lech Poznań, Sunday, 17:00 After winning the battle for group stage of Europa League, Lech wants now to concentrate on league matters and repair their reputation in Poland. On the other hand, Jagiellonia impressed in Europe, although leaving quickly after two games against Greek Aris, and in Ekstraklasa. Second in the league, playing fast football, scoring great goals and showing some interesting tactical skills from their manager, Michał Probierz. While their stadium is under construction, the team looks already job done in more than a half way. What kind of surprise Probierz prepares for his rivals? Get curious, because it may be one of better games this month.

Górnik Zabrze - Ruch Chorzów, Sunday, 17:15 For historical reasons, this game may deliver You more emotions than any other game. In last years, this tie delivered biggest attendance for single match and there were emotions and footballing skills involved. But it seems a golden year long ago now, as both teams have their problems. Hosts with their squad and stadium, guests with money in their budget and stadium. This time it won't be played on National Stadium in Chorzów (is renovated), without away fans and the quality should be a problem. But 'Grand Silesia Derby', this is how the event is known here, maybe a war of emotions, many cards involved, tackles flying everywhere. Stand your ground is the first thing the players will hear from their managers. And rightly so, the winner gets not only three points but also the fame until revenge.

Other games: Korona Kielce - Cracovia, Lechia Gdańsk - Śląsk Wrocław, Widzew Łódź - Polonia Warszawa, Wisła Kraków - Polonia Bytom, Zagłębie Lubin - Arka Gdynia.

Watch the net for Ekstraklasa games but I heard that You may easily find them HERE.

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