6 sie 2010

Ekstraklasa preview - part III

And part three of my preview. Hope You enjoy it.


About: What should people expect from a club that often goes crazy and changes four managers during a season? Then goes transfers crazy and buys everything that moves and kick a ball.
Manager: Jose Maria Bakero - I don't rate him high, and even think that it's a matter of time when he will be sacked. And now it's his time to prove me wrong
Best player: Even if he had poor last two years, it must be Ebi Smolarek. Too good for the league?
Biggest young talent: Artur Sobiech (20 yo), that young and already worth a million euro. Over priced but still good prospect for a proper striker.
Pre-season: Mixed really, but it seems they will start slowly and from third gear.
Transfers: big in numbers and money. Smolarek, Sobiech, Pietrasiak, Tosik, Rachwał, Bruno... Really big as for Ekstraklasa.
Prediction: They want to win it but place in top 3 is my tip for them in this season.


About: Had great last season, really played over their limits and few of the players made the names for themselves. But still club is in poor financial condition and it may be worse this year.
Manager: Waldemar Fornalik - very clever guy, great tactic, calm and gets the best out of every player. One of the best.
Best player: Wojciech Grzyb, former captain, great right defender and midfielder, not many of polish players can cross the ball like him.
Biggest young talent: Maciej Sadlok (20 yo) - but it's likely he will leave the club in next two weeks.
Pre-season: Short because of Europa challenge which was short as well. Lots of problems up front.
Transfers: Without much money, they counted on selling Sobiech and Sadlok, and while the first one is sold, maybe some of the fee will go on buying players? Olszar came for free and looks like a good deal.
Prediction: After great season, this may be a lot tougher so I will put them in Top 10 at most.


About: survived last season only because there were poorer sides in the league. Now every place under top 5 will be a disaster and they must get in to bring people to new stadium.
Manager: Ryszard Tarasiewicz - that's who you call charismatic manager, once he said that not always the best side wins after his team lost 0-3. Dedicated to the club, legend.
Best player: Sebastian Mila - but it may change after transfer of Kaźmierczak but he, even though he's slow on the field, is great passer, leads the team.
Biggest young talent: Their biggest talent is loaned out, not a U-21 player in their squad for the season sadly...
Pre-season: Not that good, actually, but last two games were very good.
Transfers: Did everything and even more, got young winger, two strikers, very good defensive midfielder, and maybe will sign another player.
Prediction: Top 5 is their goal but I guess they will finish on sixth place.


About: Promoted in style... twice in a row, they were relegated for another year last summer. This club has really good prospects, shame that they struggled to hold their former manager.
Manager: Andrzej Kretek - unknown and not very successful as a coach. Will look forward how he will coach Widzew.
Best player: Marcin Robak - great striker but he is not too intelligent to be honest.
Biggest young talent: Piotr Wlazło - maybe not the best, but most solid and probably can/will be somebody more than just an average Ekstraklasa midfielder.
Pre-season: Really good games and scores.
Transfers: five good deals, bought Nakoulma, Grishock and Grzelak, cleared their squad from deadwood.
Prediction: Will have typical problems of newcomers in Ekstraklasa but they are good enough to survive safely.


About: On the verge of big changes? Lost to Qarabagh in Europa League, probably will change manager... Opening new stadium in short time, they must plan to somehow fill it with fans, surely?
Manager: Henryk Kasperczak - too old for this? How long he'll survive?
Best player: Łukasz Garguła - lost a season because of nasty injury but now is back. Must be the player that leads Wisła
Biggest young talent: Erik Cikos (22yo) looks good although he doesn't fit in my rank. Filip Kurto, young goalkeeper, won't play but our eyes should be on him one day.
Pre-season: Mixed results but it turned out terrible as they lost in worst style ever with Qarabagh in Europa League
Transfers: Made a lot of deals, they looked interesting, but made too late?
Prediction: Out of top 3 and I predict another change at manager post this season. At least one.


About: Nice new stadium, ambitious club that need to prove themselves. Maybe it's their season now?
Manager: Marek Bajor - lots of problems in his privet life, lost his wife recently, hope he gets back to the game as soon as possible.
Best player: Mateusz Bartczak - has ability to be great defensive midfielder, although lost part of the last season due to injury
Biggest young talent: Adrian Błąd (19yo) - great technique and pace, should be hell of a winger if he plays.
Pre-season: really good despite not having their manager for part of it.
Transfers: Made few deals, rather filling up the squad than adding something more to the first eleven. Recently signed Dokić, after looking for a striker for too long.
Prediction: safe season but nothing more. Should have good home form.

This is it. Tomorrow, look for a post on Ekstraklasa and of course, Football Fantasy for Ekstraklasa. Should be busy day, tomorrow Ekstraklasa starts.

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