5 sie 2010

Ekstraklasa Preview - Part II

After four European disasters (well, three, but even if Jaga drew against Aris, they're out of Europa League, so it's a fail), time to show You how good our league is. Or only pretend something like this. This is Ekstraklasa preview.

Jagiellonia Białystok

About: They had a great last season, getting back from 10 points deduction, winning Polish Cup... I can't find a reason why Probierz (the manager) is still not getting enough credit for his successful years in Białystok.
Manager: Michał Probierz - one day he should be coach of national team.
Best player: Rafał Grzyb - lungs of the team, box to box midfielder, shame he had his hands in corruption few years ago.
Biggest Young Talent: I'd say Tomasz Kupisz, but will go for Grzegorz Sandomierski - at 21 he's one of few young goalkeepers in Ekstraklasa.
Pre-Season: Very short, as they played in Europa League qualifications (Aris 1-2 and 2-2), mixed results, changed look of the team.
Transfers: The only loss is selling Bruno to Polonia Warszawa. Rest of the squad stayed, Kupisz was signed and few defenders.
Predition: I don't think that they can repeat last season results but I see them in Top 6.


About: Team never managed to be up to the neat stadium they have. But better times coming, even if they don't have huge money, building of the team shows promise.
Manager: Marcin Sasal - very ambitious, but too nervous.
Best player: Hernani - great defender, saved them few times last season.
Biggest young talent: Piotr Malarczyk (19 yo) very solid center back, but still must learn game reading from his older teammates.
Pre-Season: Mixed results but it got better with time. Promising.
Transfers: Great deals in Niedzielan and Korzym but another three foreigners bought. Need another right-back.
Prediction: Middle of the table, few surprises, few less promising results.


About: Great stadium, fans, last season... and no Champions League. Wonder how they will play in the league as defending champions.
Manager: Jacek Zieliński - had real problems in preparing their teams to the season, also got his tactics wrong in Champions League games.
Best player: Semir Stilić - great technique and passing, but don't really has the strength for the game at higher level.
Biggest young talent: Kamil Drygas (19yo), another promising defensive midfielder.
Pre-Season: Lack of goals was seen...
Transfers: Made too late, sold only one player (Robert Lewandowski), should make their mark in few weeks at least.
Prediction: defending champions... should be in Top 2.


About: Some even said that future of this club is the brightest in Poland but that's just going too far. Team must finally match expectations coming from the stands.
Manager: Tomasz Kafarski - was literally unknown when took over but did quite well. Learns from his mistakes.
Best player: Łukasz Surma - very busy every game, gives them calm in the second line.
Biggest young talent: Marcin Pietrowski (22 yo) bit too old for this rank but still the best from the younger players in this team.
Pre-Season: Very good, impressive draw with Villarreal.
Transfers: Didn't made a lot of deals and are still looking for classic target man matching Lechia tactics.
Prediction: Top 8 at most, should count more on having a steady season, without getting themselves in relegation battle.


About: From zero to hero scenario a possibility - after terrible season, low attendance, stadium being re-build, conflict with fans and many over paid players in their ranks, came the new - new stadium, no conflict, new team, best attendance. Key to success?
Manager: Maciej Skorża - very wise guy, already got champions titles in his CV.
Best player: On his day, there's no better defender in the league than Inaki Astiz
Biggest young talent: Ariel Borysiuk - it must be his season, hopes he'll play a lot and learn as much from Vrdoljak
Pre-Season: They'll end their pre-season with friendly against Arsenal on Saturday, quite good games in France agains strong opposition
Transfers: As I said, almost a new team, they bought several foreign players, and for some money.
Prediction: Must win the league and I tip them to do that.


About: Probably the poorest club in Ekstraklasa, great fans, ugly stadium, really no great future ahead of them.
Manager: Jurij Szatałow - smiles more often than Polonia wins, can change a game with one sub.
Best player: Hard to call this one, but Bazik is often standing out from the team so he gets it
Biggest young talent: Michal Misiewicz - probably will play less but really good prospect, been in Sunderland.
Pre-Season: Nothing to impress anybody, hard to tell anything from it.
Transfers: Needed a goalkeeper and bought two, both good deals. Matawu can be really good player for Ekstraklasa.
Prediction: They will have many problems to stay in the league, although home form can guarantee them that.

Last part, tomorrow. See You then!

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