13 lip 2010

Get in

So this is how it starts. I was thinking about running a blog like this for a long time but something was stopping me from actually doing it. You know the drill, work, games, other stuff. But since World Cup is gone and polish season starting in a while, I said to myself, give it a go. So here am I.

I am a football scout. I like to introduce myself as one, but currently I'm not active... Well I'm but without a job, sadly. I also did some sports journalism. I didn't want to lost it all, so I was doing research on teams and players on my own and then the idea of the blog came out - why not share it with others? 

There will be three main things I'll be sharing with You. Starting from (not-so) typical player profiles of promising, talented players in Poland (and I mean young ones), to tactics of polish teams from top leagues (top two tiers), and finally, commenting on current events in polish football. It may start from the transfer round-up in Ekstraklasa, Boruc's move to Fiorentina, first games in Europe Cups and so many things... It's really interesting here, in polish football.

And no, I'm not the type of TV football scout. I attend games. When I was working it was really 'Tour the Pologne' during the season, from games to trainings and so on. I liked it, though. Now it's more local but I'm from city with club in Ekstraklasa, and several other clubs near to it, that plays lower league football. But it is interesting as well.

I'm writing in English. Sorry for it, but when I was thinking about the blog, I guessed that in two years time many of foreigners will be interested in our football and, without any knowledge of polish language, clearly will be looking for something about us in more common language. So, sorry for mistakes, sorry for trying to be funny (in certain cases), and sorry for polish football. Had to, first poor joke of the blog. I will build on it.

Cheers, comment if You like, disagree if You see something's wrong. 

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