13 lip 2010

10 most impressive transfers in Ekstraklasa (so far)

First post will be also a list, and a good one. We had some interesting time in this transfer window already, and I bet that clubs won't stop this spending spree. But investing is one thing, and investing good and wisely the other. So what I think about deals made in Ekstraklasa? Here's my top 10 (about the players I know, sorry for lack of foreigners that may be good or may be... well, clueless).

1. Tomasz Kupisz (20 yo, Wigan -> Jagiellonia). Young and gifted winger/striker, seen him few times, I hope he shows some of his skills (technique!) in Białystok.

2. Andrzej Niedzielan (31 yo, Ruch -> Korona). He was done in Chorzów, didn't liked the lack of money and so on, moved on to the club with better prospect. Will score at least 10.

3. Jacek Kiełb (22 yo, Korona -> Lech). Not sure he will get into the squad from the start, but his energy and skills will be needed in what seems to be long season for Lech.

4. Jakub Tosik (23 yo, GKS Bełchatów -> Polonia W.). Broke to the squad in last season and made some great appearances. Not international level yet, but (more than a) good right-back for the league.

5.  Waldemar Sobota (23 yo, MKS Kluczbork -> Śląsk Wrocław). Great dribbler, fast and quick thinking left winger. Also can play as striker but I don't see him as one in Ekstraklasa.

6. Prejuce Nakoulma (23 yo, Górnik Łęczna -> Widzew Łódź). Good striker, can be great option for partnership with Robak in Widzew in attack, can see few goals from him as well. 

7. Kamil Wilczek (22 yo, Piast Gliwice -> Zagłębie Lubin). Good passer, calm on the ball, nice technique but still must build up his physical appearance to fight as equal in Ekstraklasa.

8. Sebastian Olszar (29 yo, Piast Gliwice -> Ruch Chorzów). Had very difficult last few years but I think he moved on. Great technique, read the game very well, dangerous without the ball as well.

9. Adam Stachowiak (24 yo, Odra Wodzisław Śląski -> Górnik Zabrze). Didn't impress like in the 08/09 season but good prospect for very solid keeper. Great reflex and on the line.

10. Paweł Zawistowski (26 yo, Jagiellonia -> Arka Gdynia). Must fill the boots after Ława left Gdynia (as AMC), and he may be the right man for the job. Good technique, never given chance in Jagiellonia.

This is it. Agree/disagree, anyone?

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