19 lip 2012

Cetnarski: Behave as people should

Tonight's start of Polish champions, Śląsk Wroclaw, was overshadowed by what had happened off the pitch, even off the stands of small stadium in Podgorica, Montenegro. For the whole day we could hear reports of unrest in the city, of Polish fans being attacked or provoked to fight with locals. During the game, what was confirmed by Śląsk's chairman, Mr Piotr Waśniewski, one of traveling fans was beaten up by police inside the ground and taken to the hospital, apparently unconscious. Before the kick-off, Śląsk's press officer was also attacked, while some was stolen from Polish side as the team bus was attacked at arrival in Podgorica.

Below is interview which Mateusz Cetnarski, Śląsk midfielder, gave to one of reporters of Slasknet.com and that was written down and translated by myself. Śląsk won the game 2-0 but the result is less important in the wake of what had happened off the pitch.

You come out from the locker room full in emotions, but it's not just a result of the match, is it?
- To begin with, we won this match after a very clever game. It seems to me that the second half was much better than the first. We controlled the course of the match, and the result is an incredible advantage before the second game at home, in front of our fans. And that's about the match, because it seems to me that is enough. And what had happened before the match, outside the stadium, those voices that came to us - even from fans who have asked before the second half that we should waited for them... Montenegrin police behaved like barbarians. Apparently, they beat the families, children and people who came to the game from Poland. Nearly three hundred people were not let in, while police behaved like in the wild west. With respect to Montenegro, but they should behave like Europeans, and not as people who lived 300 years ago and had to fight with swords for their land. Lets behave as people should, especially as people should. It seems to me that we are brought up in a culture of respect for another person, and what's going on here ... and yet it is the police, I'm not even talking about rival fans, but the police, which is to protect and prevent evil, and at the same time they beat women and children that traveled thousands of miles for the team. It's not the way it should be. Football should unite and not aim for this, that the police beat our fans, and here a very big minus in the direction of Montenegro. Let's hope that we will never have to come here again.

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