8 cze 2012

Euro 2012 - Calm before the storm

This feels different, this is peace time. Like in ancient Olympics, when for the games every war was stopped. No conflict could be carried on as sportsmen entered their field. Poland is waiting, Poland is prepared, Poland is welcoming. Poland is nervous, yet wearing a mask of calmness. 

There is believe too. Even when Poland played in Germany, in the 2006 World Cup, you could feel the distance, despite thousands traveling through the western border. But this is different. Polish European Championships. For a while forgetting about Ukraine and how dependable both countries are for next month. This is Poles' thing.

The moaning, constant looking for minuses and defects and mistakes, so typical for Poles, has stopped. There is no silence but smiles all round, battling atmosphere and simple nod at every glance.

"Thank you for that 2,5 years of preparations" - said Kuba Błaszczykowski on the last press conference before Greece game - "even if that meant all the critique, negative feelings and controversies."

There is some satisfaction easily noticed in Franciszek Smuda's reactions and words, that after tough time he can finally feel the support of the nation that even surpasses the support he had at the start, when he was vowed to make miracles.

The unity in the nation is far from miracle though. This is yet another example of how Poles behave when things get serious, when they feel that each move can harm chances of giving the happiness to the nation. Even less is discussed about football, suddenly even Sebastian Boenisch is world-class left back again, while old conflicts are almost forgotten.

Nobody's interested anymore in Artur Boruc, there is no looking at Polanski's passport, Perquis' identity or Smuda's incompetence. However tense was the mutual feeling on the journalists-team line for long time, the reaction is the same for all. We can do it.

There is no space for disaster, there is no other scenario than progression. If Błaszczykowski had creeps at the moment he entered empty national stadium in Warsaw, forty millions of people will have it tomorrow at the first kick of the ball. The opening will be only the start of the emotions but also a relief.

It took some time and an unbelievable effort from some to made it all happen. The level of expectations is as high as the sky and there is no limit. The first miracle to unite the nation in last 24 hours before the Greece game is happening right now, though it will take further few to satisfy the hunger. We all have to win, this is only way to survive the storm of nerves. The longer the tournament for its hosts lasts, the bigger human-wrecks we will be.

The anticipation has brought the nation to the moment where it all matters, where it all will happen. Never has a single football pitch had to face such a pressure and focus of the whole nation. Poland is prepared, Poland hopes, Poland believes. Just let this thing begin, alright?

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