22 mar 2012

A risky new start for Małecki

New manager Michał Probierz and new vice-chairman Jacek Bednarz were hardly around Wisła Krakow when Patryk Małecki was subbed during February's match against Standard Liege and went straight to home, refusing to thank his coach Kazimierz Moskal. He was suspended by the club, said he is not going to play for this lot anymore and demanded and searched for a transfer. Only short trials at Middlesbrough came up in which he reportedly succeeded and may be a subject of summer transfer.

When Probierz was appointed he couldn't do much about Małecki and left it for the board to decide what to do with fractious winger that inspired Wisła to few good displays this season but had bad few months and his performances on and off the pitch were nothing he could be proud of. But when changes were made in the board, there was nothing in the way of him coming to the team that desperately needed more depth and quality - today, Wisła's official website shouted: "He is back!". Małecki was given a fresh start. Again.

His disciplinary record at the club is a long one and not even his recognized affection for Wisła's crest and history (Małecki has tattoo of club's legend Henryk Reyman!) could help him when he made one step too far in thinking that there is someone bigger than the team. It obviously could come from the image of himself Małecki created, from the affect of being the best, being always the most important man on the pitch. His failure to understand what team effort and greater good means were almost shocking. He abused unhappy fans, he abused opposition players, he abused rival fans, he waved away at own team mates, he refused to talk to own manager. Yet he is still at the club.

Clearly, the bond looks to be strong and one wonder what could have happen at Wisła to make them kick Małecki out of Reymonta. Michał Probierz needs him and he could press the board and owner to make quick decision to bring him back at the time when the team is doing good but could be playing better. He knows what Małecki could add and he exactly knows what the risk of bringing him back to training could be - after all, he had gone through similar situation at Jagiellonia Bialystok with Kamil Grosicki.

But we have to remember that Grosicki was sold by Jaga to Sivasspor and they did not look back since. There is a feeling that bringing back Małecki may be just a temporary solution, not only to get him chance to make Wisła better and put higher in the table but also to make his price rise. After successful short spell at Boro, his reputation off the pitch could be forgotten by those willing to invest in this controversial player. For Wisła, a club that will face huge changes over this summer, yet again, this is a win-win situation, even though large parts of fans hardly understand what is the point of this move.

Michał Probierz already shown that he can be trusted on short-term basis but he needs to think two steps forward if he wants to succeed at club of this statue. His choices so far were rather sighted on the result in current campaign, not future one but that also shows how poor backup he has. If he needs Małecki, he should be given the choice to let him play in own system, but the player needs to know that next two month are decisive for his future. One more scandal, one more disciplinary action and this may be it - he won't have any friends left at Wisła. For a man that wanted so strong to become one of the members of the White Star Hall of Fame, this could mean everything. Or even should.

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