25 gru 2011

The 2011 in Polish Football

Last twelve months in Polish football were definitely exciting, sometimes embarrassing and full of unfulfilled hopes.  You are the fans and you know the best, that is my conclusion. That is way this year, I want to give the voice back to you and recreate the 2011 in Polish football with your help. It's simple - I will quote you, credit, link to blogs or you can stay anonymous. Please download the file from the link below and fill with whatever you think was important or stayed in your mind from 2011. No need to give certain dates, leave that to me, but I bet there are things you will remember year from last twelve months - maybe a certain game, event, scandal, sacking, transfer or anything else? Give me your shout, lets create a fantastic story about 2011 in Polish football. Download the file, fill the gaps you can and send it back at mzachodny@gmail.com. Cheers.

3 komentarze:

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