31 sie 2011

Polish Deadline Day - Live

00.00 So... nothing happened. That's why I will end this, before it turns to be a bigger disaster than it already was. Not much happening through the day, expected much more - maybe we will know something more tomorrow? If so, I will be first to let you know - here, of course. Goodnight.

23.50 Ten minutes and nothing for like two hours. We. Are. Done. Almost.

22.40 I think I lost my faith in everything at the moment. There is something, I know it. Just... do it, for christ' sake! Rant over, back to waiting to hear anything. 80 minutes still to go.

22.27 Not much happening at the moment but I think there will be some deals pulled of in dying seconds. Just stayed tuned. Oh and apparently Perquis is already with the national team, Adrian Mierzejewski from Trabzonspor claimed he had a breakfast with him. Hope it was a good one!

21.48 CSKA brought a goalkeeper on loan from Anzhi so that means no deal for Tomasz Kuszczak... Will he be in reserves for the rest of the season? Hope not! Still, he is desperate for the move and inside of the Premier League (wages too high for Championship). If not, there is a move abroad possible but as you see, it's not easy. I guess that's beacuse nobody from ManU is left in the office to help him out!

21.18 And that last deal means that Tomasz Chałas seals similar move from Górnik Zabrze to Zawisza Bydgoszcz. As I said, once touted to be the next Robert Lewandowski... Injuries stopped him... or maybe not helped him few years back. But where does this move leaves Grzegorz Rasiak? Hm...

21.15 Prejuce Nakoulma has joined Górnik Zabrze on a year-long loan from Bogdanka Łęczna. Should be good deal, he is energetic player, good pace... his finishing is suspicious though. Let's see how his career will continue in Górnik, they really wanted him in last weeks. No money in the club mean he is taken on loan only but I know that Bogdanka pushed for a money transfer.

21.05 Lechia Gdansk make their final (?) move tonight and it's Josip Tadić, Croatian striker that joins them on two-year-long deal. He is former Bayer Leverkusen, Grenoble and Dinamo Zagreb player. All the best, Lechia lack of goals recently was worrying for fans!

20.45 Another information connected with Polish national team - Damien Perquis has been given Polish citizenship and probably will join his new team-mates before games against Mexico and Germany. Wait, that can be included as a transfer as well! Ha, so it counts! The only problem is he doesn't speak Polish, while Franciszek Smuda struggles with Polish (joke)... However, team coach claims he is part of the team. We will see in next few days.

20.21 Cracovia is active during these last hours, exactly as I wrote couple of hours ago. Jan Hosek signed already - he Czech defender who played in Teplice lately and was in U21 national squad. Seems like a proper deal! Also they are negotiating with former Hull City midfielder, Tijani Belaid. Hell, he even once played for might Inter FC! Will he be the real deal? Cracovia desperately need one... or maybe few to take them out of relegation zone!

20.15 Alright, but which players have moved today? Blazej Augustyn left Catania on year-long loan deal to join Vicenza - good deal for him if he wants to get playing time but I guess he is pretty angry about lack of Serie A football. Meanwhile in Poland, Widzew Lodz have signed two players, Brazilian striker, Igor Alves joined from Moroko Swallows (RSA!) and Tunisian Hachem Abbes is a defender that lately played in his home country. Rafał Grzelak also played for Widzew lately but now joined Ruch Chorzow. He needs playing time desperately! Stay tuned, that's not all.

20.05 Sorry for that break, I scored a goal and we won a game in Polish Cup. Back to proper football now, there is plenty to talk about before the transfer window shuts. So, let's get it started. The biggest news is not signing but sacking - Paweł Janas has left GKS Belchatow after just one win in five games. Recently they have played really badly and that's probably the reason of it. We don't know who will be in charge of the team - yet. Should be know by tomorrow, I guess, but I wouldn't rule out great comeback from Rafał Ulatowski... or maybe Michał Probierz? Let's sit and wait, enjoying transfers.

15.30 Just before I'm off for an actual game of football, let me tell you that Ruch Chorzow have signed Tomas Josl from Tartan Presov, he is a Czech defender. I should be back before eight with plent of news for you. See you soon.

15.05 Yesterday I posted on my Twitter account news about Semir Stilić telling Lech Poznan he has an offer from Vfl Wolfsburg. I doubted in the move, especially knowing that he wouldn't exactly fit in the league that is putting so much pressure on pace and running. He is not that kind of player, although very talented, skilled one. Today, Lech Poznan is back at their own stadium for a training session after few months and this is a good sign - lack of Stilić is more worrying for fans. Where he is? On his way to Germany? Wolfsburg is said to be in talks with Barcelona over the move of Aleksandr Hleb. I can't see any reason why they would pick Bosnian midfielder over former Arsenal player...

14.55 Some news about Górnik Zabrze and their situation - they tried so hard to cut the costs over the summer as the financial situation was getting worse and actually did very well, especially looking at the results lately. Nonetheless, they still need money and signings, that's why there may be some activity from them today. Michał Pazdan was rumoured to join Śląsk Wroclaw but I heard coach Orest Lenczyk himself rulling it out - though people in Górnik count on some offer that may come soon. And there may be a striker coming in, in person of Prejuce Nakoulma from Bogdanka Łęczna, 1st Division. We will see...

14.30 Remember Grzegorz Rasiak? Not that long ago he was a hero of a deadline day transfer to Tottenham but he failed there... currently he is without a club and looking for one in Poland. He was on trials at several teams, offer went to many more but it looks like the closest he gets to a deal is at Zawisza Bydgoszcz in 1st League. It's either him or Tomasz Chałas (once named the next Robert Lewandowski) from Górnik Zabrze. I will look at it closer!

14.15 Some quotes from Ireneusz Jeleń who joined Lille yesterday (and will play with Joe Cole - can't see these two hanging out very often!)... "Medicals were very good, actually it was quite a surprise for Lille's officials!" - that one was a joke obviously. "Rudy Garcia and the club wanted me to sign longer deal but for me one-year is perfect to get on the right track in this club. (...) Ludo (Obraniak) and Benoit Pedretti praised me in talks with coach Garcia. They said that if only I will be in good health, I can be great addition to the squad. (...) Sow is fantastic player and I know it will be hard to get into the squad but there will be enough of games for me to play my part" - said Jeleń. All the best.

14.00 And here it is, a loan of a defender from Wisła Krakow! Finally something is going round here in Poland! Mateusz Kowalski, out-of-favour center-back goes on one-year loan to 1st League club Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza. Not a player Robert Maaskant wants in his team, lately even younger defender Michał Czekaj was picked to the team instead of Kowalski who has already some experience in Ekstraklasa.

13.20 Lets look at the top of the league. Why it can be interesting there? Lech Poznan is having nightmares with defenders and their injuries and may be looking for a deal to make the choice wider in that area for Jose Mari Bakero. Wisła meanwhile may be looking to add creative midfielder to their squad and Stan Valckx is in travel looking at different loan options. Ślask will try to offload several players to make space for those coming back from injuries. Polonia Warszawa is always looking at the deals anyway and the owner wasn't exactly happy with latest performances, especially of attackers. Legia surprisingly landed in Europa League group stages and needs defenders, maybe will sell one of them as well... So, as you see, lots of possibilities. Let's just be patient.

13.10 Not much happening at the moment but I expect very intense day in Poland as couple of clubs will look to offload players on loan, send youngsters on short-term deals, while those struggling will look abroad for possible deals. Maybe a one deal like the one Legia did with Ljuboja? Let's wait and see, now let's talk about Roger Canas who joined Jagiellonia Bialystok on year-long loan from Sibir Novosibirsk. Young winger from Colombia, it seems, was observed also by Cracovia but Jaga was faster.

12.35 There is a story about Polish goalkeeper joining a club in Netherlands... not Tomasz Kuszczak anyway! Paweł Kieszek from FC Porto joins Roda Kerkrade on one-year-long loan. He was third choice goalkeeper in Portugal but always full of praise for Andre Villas-Boas and his team. Now, following Przemysław Tytoń move to PSV, he steps in his place at Roda. All the best!

12.15 Meanwhile, lets have a look at Polish national team where all interesting things are happening at the moment. On Monday it looked like players and manager boycotted media on early training and on evening's session media boycotted them in turn. It turned out it was a silly mistake by someone in Polish FA (the press officer, as usual) and yesterday was all fine... expect from injuries. Eugen Polanski, Rafal Murawski, Lukasz Broź have all left the duty due to injuries and several others were called up in their place, among them Cezary Wilk and Marcin Wasilewski. Today, team's captain, Kuba Błaszczykowski criticized plans to travel all the way to Seoul where Polish NT will play a friendly against South Korea this fall. "Why are we playing abroad when our team needs to get used to huge crowds of our fans, the expectations? Why we are building all those stadiums if we are going to different countries, not from Europe?" - he rightly asks, ahead of Mexico and Germany games. If only I could tell you the answer...

11.45 Do any of you remember Ben Starosta? Found by scouts of Polish FA, English-born right-back, he was fantastic during U20 World Cup for Poland (he has Polish parents). Unfortunately, never made it in England where he was jumping on loan from one club to another and had even spell at Lechia Gdansk but wasn't given a contract there. Last we heard of him, he played in Australia but came back to Europe this summer looking for a deal here - was on trials at Lech Poznan even but landed in third division, Miedz Legnica... Shame, once really liked him, very interesting what have happened to him.

11.38 The most interesting thing is where will end up Polish best players, that fell out of favor at their own clubs. Ireneusz Jeleń signed for Lille yesterday on a one-year deal, but we will look closer at Tomasz Kuszczak who was linked with several clubs - lately with CSKA Moscow but also several Turkish and English clubs. Who wants a keeper then?

11.30 Things will get interesting in Cracovia as well, where nervous moves just before transfer window shuts is something normal. They are in bad situation as well, just above ŁKS in relegation zone and they need deals - at least that's what Jurij Szatalow, club's coach, claimed after their last game. The owner, Janusz Filipak promised to make it three signings in last day, among them Kahlon of course.

11.25 Polish clubs tend to hide possible deals under the 'trials' name and we have already few that can be seen in Polish Ekstraklasa (and 1st League) - Niltao, Brazilian left-back from FC America is at ŁKS, while Nemanja Obrić is at GKS Belchatow, and Jean Paulista, once playing at Wisła Krakow, now is on trials in Polonia Bytom. Will let you know as soon as there is any offer for those players.

11.15 The other interesting fact is that Polish clubs have found new market to explore - Israel. Maor Melikson was the first one we have seen in years, he signed for Wisła last winter and impressed straight away. Then David Biton joined him in this club this summer and scored three goals in as many games. Good moves, both of them. That's probably why other clubs decided to look at that market and players - yesterday Cracovia went for Tamir Kahlon (lately in Charleroi), while Podbeskidzie signed Liran Cohen (last club Ihud Bnei). Will we see the next one in Ekstraklasa today?

11.05 So what have happened yesterday? The most active club was ŁKS who wheeled and dealed for the whole 24 hours. After five games they are bottom of the table with one point and one goal (fourteen conceeded) so no wonder they were looking to strenghten their squad. They did well - Antoni Łukasiewicz was loaned from Śląsk to make recovery and get playing time there, Mladen Kascelan (Jagiellonia) was sent there for the same reasons, Robert Szczot (free agent) once impressed in the league and now looks for the occasion to revive his career at ŁKS. Also, once touted as Polish finest right-back, Paweł Golański signed on loan from Korona Kielce, where he was in reserves. Impressive? Yes and I'm sure they are happy with the international break to get them into the squad steadily and improve the results rapidly.

11.00 Welcome to the Polish Deadline Day - Live. For the whole day I will be blogging how Polish clubs are doing on the transfer market and maybe there will be some deals of Polish footballers abroad. Although it may look like most of the action was made yesterday, there is still a lot of space for improvement for several clubs. Last year's blogging attracted many people, so I hope that you will like it this year as well. Along with this blog, I can advise you to follow me on Twitter, where updates will be coming maybe more often... but in shorter version. What can you find here? First of all, analysis, how Ekstraklasa clubs did on transfer market this summer. Then news about deals and everything that I will find interesting. I'm sure there will be plenty for You to read about!

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