19 sie 2011

European glory... or other

Wisła Krakow

The result is quite generous for Wisła as Maaskant’s team did not have the best of games. To be fair, they played better already this season and it wouldn’t be any surprise if the game against APOEL would end in a draw. The visitors were really good, operating the ball well but lacked the killer pass and couldn’t change their game plan from using right and left channels, which was simply ineffective. The goal scored by Patryk Małecki that separated both sides was a great one, also for the assist from Nunez, who improves with every game. Interesting quotes came after the game from Franciszek Smuda, who likes a bit of controversies, as he once again said that Małecki lacks what his team needs. What is it? Great dribbling skills? Technique? Finishing? Pace? Nope, apparently he is not fitting to his team’s tactics. Which is obviously bollocks as Smuda is simply scared of Małecki’s character. You know who is losing on all of this, as do I…

Legia Warszawa

They had tremendous first half when You could ask yourself who is spending millions of Euros on transfers, and who counts on sport’s director Jóźwiak findings. Ljuboja was linking well with Radović all game, something that is becoming real strength of the team, and they also dived almost simultaneously, which is hard to believe but that actually had happened. But it was the high pressing that gave Legia the advantage in the first half, though Spartak Moscow answered even stronger after the break and scored wonderful goal. Legia tried to calm down the situation but was struggling and next goal, second by Radović after second (brilliant, back-heel) assist of Ljuboja, was very generous – Spartak answered even quicker and the draw probably should be taken as a good result, given how much separates both teams. There is still hope, isn’t there?ża will be without Radović, Manu and Komorowski...

Śląsk Wroclaw

Well… Śląsk was awful, really. I can’t recall the last time they made so many mistakes in defence in a single game. The selection was wrong as once again shortages in defence came out against classy opposition. Rapid Bucharest was good, very intelligent but mistakes were uncharacteristic for Lenczyk’s side… and they are now out, simple as that. Shame but that was a fantastic story.

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