20 lip 2011

...and PFS is back

Even though the break after entertaining but demanding season was too long in my own estimation, I'm back with lots of new ideas before the new campaign begins. That's why this post is only to get you an insight in what will come in next few days on this humble blog about Polish football. Just season separates us from EURO 2012 and this is the last moment for domestic beautiful game to develop and introduce new faces, clubs and maybe ideas to get any result at next year's tournament. But enough of that talk, let's get back to the core of this post. Here's what you will be able to read about at PFS in next eight days. It's all about numbers.

5 Biggest changes in Polish football this summer,

2 Ekstraklasa newcomers with problems,

4 Leaders of summer transfer market,

3 Favorites to win championship and 3 to be relegated,

10 Footballers that will leave Polish league this season,

10 Footballers that will step up this season,

16 - Ekstraklasa standings of my own for this season.

As you see, plenty to wait for and I promise that every day there will be something new here. Of course that is only planning and if you have any ideas, requests or even opinions of your own that you want to share at PFS, please don't hesitate, just write in comments or via email (mzachodny@gmail.com). Also, if you are on twitter, you will be able to catch few comments every day about each club from Polish Ekstraklasa - so follow my account @polishscout. See you soon!

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