1 cze 2011

Ekstraklasa's Team of the 10/11 Season

You probably know exactly what it is all about so will not be wasting Your time. Here is my pick for the Ekstraklasas team of the season. Subs and few others included as well.

Goalkeeper: Marian Kelemen (Śląsk Wrocław, Slovakia, 07.12.1979, 29 games/1 goal)

Yes, Śląsk's goalkeeper actually scored a goal - in last game against Arka from penalty. But it's his all round display for this club this season that earned him place in my team. Fantastic on the line, very effective, is the best goalkeeper in Ekstraklasa when coming off the line. Saved about twelve points, as some drunk fan told me at the celebrations that followed Śląsk's biggest success in 24 years. 

Right-back: Erik Cikoś (Wisła Kraków, Slovakia, 31.07.1988, 27 games/0 goals/1 assist)

Arguably best transfer Wisła's made this season. Great technique, perfect for Maaskant's tactics in Kraków, he works very hard up-front, likes to get forward and one of few players in Ekstraklasa that actually can cross the ball to his team-mates.

Left-back: Dudu Paraiba (Widzew Łódź, Brazil, 11.03.1985, 29 games/9 assists)

Fantastic player and how he get to such club as Widzew? Don't get me wrong but with as many problems as Polish clubs have with this position, Brazilian should be now the hottest target. Best assistant in Ekstraklasa this season, similar player to Cikoś, less physical but more technical and maybe has to work harder on his defensive side but... great player, one of my favorites!

Center back: Piotr Celeban (Śląsk Wrocław, Poland, 25.06.1985, 30 games/ 4 goals/2 assists)

Only Franciszek Smuda knows why this defender is not regular in Polish national team. He should be, without a question. He may not be the tallest or best build but there is no chance to move him, he copes with bigger attackers very well. Fantastic in the air, very dangerous in attacking set pieces. Reads the game very well. His developement is a joy to watch for Śląsk fans.

Center back: Osman Chavez (Wisła Kraków, Honduras, 29.07.1984, 21 games/0 goals/o assists)

Solid as rock, no need to say more. Great tackling, reads the game very well, handles every opponent in the league. Maybe attacking play is not his advantage but he is a defender after all (not the best argument, I know, but he is best defender in the league). Subject of difficult negotiations between Wisła Kraków and his club in Honduras this summer.

Defensive midfielder: Przemysław Kaźmierczak (Śląsk Wrocław, Poland, 05.05.1982, 23 games/8 goals/3 assists)

Best scorer at his club, best player in the air in Ekstraklasa? There is no header lost for him. Also, known for inch-perfect long passes, loves to play a diagonal when he sees a chance. Shame we couldn't see his hammering shoot... or maybe once, when he missed penalty at Legia. Even though, very solid. Named as 'wooden' by Smuda which only confirms that he shouldn't be allowed to coach national team.

Central midfielder: Adrian Mierzejewski (Polonia Warszawa, Poland, 06.11.1986, 27 games/7 goals/3 assists)

Maybe not MVP as he was named by Ekstraklasa this season but most gifted midfielder in the league? Probably. He is elegant in his play, knows his worth but maybe sometimes hold on to the ball for too long. Able of perfect through pass, good leader. Heard he is lazy during training sessions, something that would be changed if he moves abroad. Which is happening rather sooner than later.

Central attacking midfielder: Miroslav Radović (Legia Warszawa, Serbia, 16.01.1984, 28 games/9 goals/4 assists)

Change from the wing to the central position did very, very good to him. He is able to find space, dribble past one or two, not needing to look for a cross. Also, he is not diving as often as he used to. His change may be regarded as Skorża's biggest success at Legia, although many will argue with me. He even was given captain armband and that says a lot.

Winger: Patryk Małecki (Wisła Kraków, Poland, 01.08.1988, 28 games/7 goals/6 assists)

Once again - why this man is not playing for national team - only Smuda knows. His change could be seen in winter, Maaskant played his role there. Now, he is not fighting with rival fans (he is one of most hated players in Poland), he takes advantage, takes strength from it. Already best player in the league? Hopefully he stays - still a lot to achieve at Wisła.

Winger: Abdou Razack Traore (Lechia Gdańsk, Burkina Faso, 28.12.1988, 27 games/12 goals/1 assist)

He looks angry and plays that way. Lots of energy and quality, sometimes he can't behave though. Argues, dives, fights... but that cannot overshadow the fact that Lechia has a real footballer in their squad, great one on one, finding space at crucial moments in opponents' box, scoring and passing. Maybe he should be calmer and work harder. But he is already one of best players in Ekstraklasa.

Striker: Tomasz Frankowski (Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 16.08.1974, 29 games/14 goals/2 assists)

The most intelligent player in the league. He seems to gets better every season, his movement is exceptional, can lost his marker with simple but fantastic move. At his age his pace is still very good but it's the technique and passing that makes him most complete striker in Ekstraklasa. Shame that next season will be his last one. Love to watch him, an example to follow.

Substitutes: Grzegorz Sandomierski (GK, Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 05.09.1989, 29/0/0 - another Polish talent in the goal, fantastic physical appearance and reflex, should move abroad as soon as possible); Tomasz Jodłowiec (CD, Polonia Warszawa, Poland, 08.09.1985, 21/0/0 - very solid, his passing is very good, can start a move with smart pass); Bartosz Bosacki (CD, Lech Poznan, Poland, 20.12.1975, 22/0/0 - why he is better that Arboleda? Calmer, better tackler and all-round a better person. True captain); Cezary Wilk (DM, Wisła Kraków, Poland, 12.02.1986, 22/3/1 - unpopular choice but I will fight for it. Move to Wisła did him only good. Learns from Sobolewski and at times plays way better than him. So much energy. Needs to calm down at times, likes go forward); Tomasz Kupisz (WNG, Jagiellonia Białystok, Poland, 02.01.1990, 30/5/4 - very close to the squad but his form got weaker in the second round. Exceptional in the first. Very brave, great one on one, so much power in his shooting); Artur Sobiech (ST, Polonia Warszawa, Poland, 12.06.1990, 23/9/7 - very helpful in the teams play, although his finishing is poor at times. Plays for the team, good in a role behind striker or as centre-forward, strong but sometimes looks lazy).

Close, But No Cigar: Sergiei Pareiko (GK, Wisła Kraków, Estonia, 31.01.1977, 14/0/0);  Robert Jeż (CM, Górnik Zabrze, Slovakia, 10.07.1981, 14/5/3); Maor Melikson (AMC, Wisła Kraków, Israel, 30.10.1984, 15/4/4); Wojciech Grzyb (RM, Ruch Chorzów, Poland, 21.12.1974, 28/4/5); Mateusz Klich (CM, Cracovia, Poland, 13.06.1990, 27/4/7); Artjoms Rudnevs (ST, Lech Poznań, Latvia, 13.01.1988, 27/11/0).

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