10 cze 2011

Ekstraklasa’s Best Deals – Summer 2011 (1)

Although I could write another depressing piece about Polish national team and how clueless Franciszek Smuda is, I won’t. Everybody knows that we weren’t playing that well against France yesterday, our chances were limited, defence once again proved to be our biggest weakness and Rafał Murawski in this form shouldn’t even be called up, while Smuda’s inability to change the game with clever substitution before 80th minute was hurting the team… as much as lack of any pressure, idea for the game. You see what I’ve done just there? If I could only add few words about awful set-pieces we had all night… but I won’t. This post will be only about best possible deals involving Ekstraklasa players.

Artur Sobiech (Polonia Warszawa, 12/06/1990, 23 games/9 goals/7 assists). So, Józef Wojciechowski, Polonia’s owner, sent him to reserves? Or will be this the Coconut Club? No matter what is the destination – young striker didn’t want to sign new contract on owner’s rules so he will be punished. Just year after his one million Euro transfer from Ruch Chorzów he, despite being the most effective Polonia’s player, had fallen out with the most important person at the club and, to be fair, few will blame Sobiech. Disagreeing with the new offer he just wanted the club to be loyal to the deal they both signed last summer. This conditions makes him one of the hottest targets of the market – Sobiech is not only stubborn and knows his rights but also plays the game pretty nicely. Good in the air, prefers to be behind main striker, gets many crucial assists, has good coordination for his height, nice technique although needs to work on physical strength and pace. Already one of top strikers in Poland may cost a bit but may be worth the try.

Adrian Mierzejewski (Polonia Warszawa, 06/11/1986, 27/7/3)
. What’s going on with Polonia that they are selling their best players? Adrian doesn’t necessary wants to move abroad, although Senol Gunes (Trabzonspor’s manager) tried to convince him following yesterday defeat in which… he was one of few that stand out positively. Already named Most Valuable Player of the season in Ekstraklasa, he is Polonia’s playmaker and they depend on him so much… but again, Polonia now with Robert Jeż to fill his boots may be looking at the possibility of earning few millions Euro (media says about at least four millions) for selling him. I’d see him in different league than Turkish league but I’m sure he will adapt anyway. Class, technique, calmness, character will help him.

Marian Kelemen (Śląsk Wrocław, 07/12/1979, 29/1/0). He had problems with club before he joined Śląsk but when he finally signed, worked hard through the summer he proved what an experienced and fantastic goalkeeper he is. Very solid, rarely makes mistakes (I’d count only three this season), commanding, great off the line… media are reporting that his buy-out clause is around 400,000 Euro. Bargain, even at his age.

Mateusz Cetnarski (GKS Bełchatów, 06/07/1988, 20/0/3). Very average season for him, although it’s fair to say that his team didn’t help him at all – it was rather mixed year for Bełchatów and due to bigger changes coming in the club, possible less money, there is a chance that for sum close to seven hundred thousand Euro will be enough for bright midfielder. He is really good technician, likes to play unconventional pass but struggles when opposition gets close to him. I still think he would be one of Polish best if he’d playing in better club.

Abdou Razack Traore (Lechia Gdańsk, 28/12/1988, 27/12/1). Selfish, arrogant? Yes. Very talented, gifted and one of the best in Ekstraklasa? Yes again. His agent lately said that there is no possibility of Traore staying in Lechia due to disagreements over new, bigger deal so getting one of the best players that is not any close to the club, has no relationship with fans… only is great player. Will there be anybody to risk getting character like his into the squad for a price that will be lower as his problems with Lechia are only mounting?

I will add few more in next piece so forgive me for being so obvious in the first part.

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  1. Hi there, I'm a massive Everton fan. I have heard that we have signed a young Polish goalkeeper named Mateusz Taudul. Do you know anything about him? Is he any good?

  2. Harry, don't know much about him, he came from very good goalkeeping school, played in youth national teams and that's all...