9 maj 2011

League Round-up XXV

Played in the shadow of the hooliganism problem that simply refuses to go away, short of almost forty thousand fans that would make it to Legia’s and Lech’s stadiums that weekend, there were some interesting happenings in Polish league. Let’s take a closer look at them, for once staying away from the hooliganism problem…

Maciej Skorża will be sacked after all. It may be laughable to few to compare current Legia’s manager to Carlo Ancelotti but there is something they have in common – both are simply waiting for the last league game for the axe. Skorża hoped that he will stay for another year after winning Polish Cup and making sure that Legia will play in Europe League but he may not have a chance to rebuild the squad in the summer. Especially with names of possible replacements in Huub Stevens and Vladimir Weiss are mentioned in media. Either move might be risky and nailed on at the same time but Legia needs changes also in the management. Marek Jóźwiak is simply not the man that should be anywhere near their transfer policy this summer.

Nothing good is happening right now at Oporowska in Wrocław and row between manager Orest Lenczyk and club’s board seems to be getting much bigger than it was, even though Ślask has lost only once in last seventeen league games. That seems strange, doesn’t it? But there is no chemistry between board and management as they seem to think Lenczyk is only short time replacement after Ryszard Tarasiewicz ended up in the relegation zone after just six league rounds. Lenczyk criticized winter transfers saying that his squad needed significant buys and those made did not match his standards, nor the one needed for the much welcomed European qualification that is still in their reach. And dreams, but only those of supporters as boards problems mounted with moving to new stadium and lack of credit for building of the shopping center that was planned to be ready in a year and bringing funds to the club. Not a happy place at all, especially after boring, goalless draw with Polonia Bytom, that only proved their limits in attack.

The revolution awaits at Konwiktorska. It all seemed all is good after Jacek Zieliński took over as fifth manager of Polonia Warszawa this season and won four games in a row but now, after second league defeat in a week, he may face some tough decision in the summer to completely rebuild the team that is expected to perform very soon. The owner, rich and mad Józef Wojciechowski already pointed at several players and said there is no future for them at Polonia but that axing may end at number closer to twelve than two. Who will survive summer revolution at Konwiktorska? Few will care about that, more will look at the possibility of signing one or two players that will be on a transfer list shortly. Janusz Gancarczyk will move on definitely, also foreigners will be transferred while others cannot be sure of their place in the squad. Certainly Wojciechowski has enough money to make what he wants in the summer…

As we are on summer revolutions and problems at clubs, I should take a look at Widzew Łódź that meets severe financial problems right now and that might make them sell several players. Since Darvydas Sernas broke his scoring duck this weekend he may be once again on wish lists of several clubs in Poland and abroad. Blackpool was interested in winter but with relegation close to Holloway’s club it seems impossible now for the Lithuanian striker to move there – his ambitions are higher than that. Nonetheless, financial problems made players protest last Monday and not come out on training session. Czesław Michniewicz really did well since he was appointed and deserves a credit for making them rather attractive side to watch but what he will make of the problems during the summer? His ambitions are not limited to midtable positions…

Goals, goals, goals… Once again Ekstraklasa proved to be main for fantastic golazos and you will not waste a minute of watching several of those scored this weekend. Suvorov for Cracovia, Grzelczak for Widzew, Sivakov for Wisła… Special ones! You can find them HERE, while league table is HERE.

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