16 mar 2011

Five things. Round XVIII

Forgive me delay, but here I’m back with comments on latest happenings in Polish Ekstraklasa.

1)      Wisła is cruising for the title, part two. While other top teams lost, the White Star is still winning, despite only the glimpses of their best form. The competition in the squad does well to Maaskant’s squad and with another brilliant performance from Patryk Małecki Wisła had no problem to sent their rivals without any hope and any points home. If there will be no crisis at Wisła, the title is theirs.

2)      Meanwhile there is crisis in Jagiellonia. Rumours spread around that coach Michał Probierz and the main striker Tomasz Frankowski are not in the best of relationships. Jagiellonia lost at home to Lechia this weekend and couldn’t have any complains – they played badly once again and had only a point out of their last two home games. Lechia is now just point behind them…

3)      Is Cracovia very close to miracle fightback? They have won with Lech at home and despite huge worries about the class and form of their strikers now are just few points behind next team that is in relegation battle. If Jurij Szatałow will pull it off then something is seriously wrong at the clubs that will go down instead.

4)      Another change at managerial post in Polonia Warszawa is not even top news of the day – no wonder, Piotr Stokowiec is their fourth manager this season (eighteen games played!). Why Theo Bos was sacked, despite the owner word he will be safe for the rest of the season? Three league games, one point, no goals scored and elimination from Polish Cup – to be honest it should go the other way with the squad Dutch manager had but once again we are witnessing how naïve and impatient Józef Wojciechowski is (read about ‘The Coconut Club’ at Football Ramble). New manager was Bos’s assistant and is young but also big unknown – his first decision was to sent Ebi Smolarek to the reserves. Yeah, like he is the one to blame for everything…

5)      Goals, goals, goals. Beautiful ones, of course. Our league since the restart three weeks ago is full of them and the examples were in almost every game – three on Friday in Legia 1-2 Śląsk, one in Korona 3-3 draw with Polonia Bytom, Małkowski’s powerful free kick against Ruch Chorzów… Look at them here. Must-see.

League standings can be found here.

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