7 gru 2010

Ekstraklasa Review - part three

As promised yesterday, now it’s time for last part of my Ekstraklasa Review. Going up from the bottom, today I present You how top four teams did during first round of football in Polish league. Needless to say, future Polish champion is somewhere here…

Korona Kielce

Position: 4th, twenty-five points (7-4-4), 20-17

Review: Great start shadowed by weak ending to the round but still they found themselves in unexpected position after fifteen games. Some good performances from their main striker, Andrzej Niedzielan, while team leader Edi, despite his age, still is their game creator. Strong middle of the pitch.

Manager: Marcin Sasal is tough man and he can do a great impression of a hairdryer so no wonder that his players are so afraid of it and doing so fine in the league so far. Good decision making and transfer management.

Best player: Aleksandr Vuković ended his career with Legia but coming back to Polish league was one of his better decisions – especially since he found himself a leader of Korona. Good tackler and passer.

Should: Do something to make their defence work better. We already hear that they are looking for wingers and it’s good decision as well.

Future: They will maintain their position in Top 5, Kielce deserves it.

Legia Warszawa

Position: 3rd, twenty-seven points (9-0-6), 19-19

Review: What a round that was… Huge spending spree before start, then that Arsenal game and, well, awful start. Things got better and it now looks fine but those stressful moments for Legia fans, there were few of them. Big win against Lech when they played down to ten men for most of the game and came from behind.

Manager: Maciej Skorża… Some think that he is proper coach, tactician while other think he is, well, not. Still to prove Legia faithful that he is the man and must learn from his mistakes – he made few of them.

Best player: New captain, Ivica Vrdoljak? Young striker, Maciej Kucharczyk? Nope, it’s Miroslav Radović – finally playing in his best position, behind striker and not on the wing. Best season in Poland so far.

Should: Find a striker. Chinyama is always injured, Mezenga is not up to the standards while Kucharczyk still goes missing on some occasions. Need proper one like air.

Future: It all depends – if decisions will go Skorża’s way, I can see them still reaching for the title, while making same mistakes may move them from top three.

Wisła Kraków

Position: 2nd, twenty-seven points (8-3-4), 21-15

Review: Same as Legia… big hopes and expectations then dreadful start – the only difference is that Wisła changed manager. Maaskant had tough situation to cope with completely new defence and few bored players but he did well and even won with Legia 4-0. Still room for improvement.

Manager: Robert Maaskant changed Henryk Kasperczak and it was like a breath of fresh air for the squad – Dutch manager did good so far and is man of one of the best man-managements seen in Polish league. But then Polish players are special… not in the best way.

Best player: Osman Chavez rose with every game, Paweł Brożek scored ten after bad start but it goes once again to Radosław Sobolewski – monumental player for them. Says it all, really.

Should: Find a cover for their defence and surely work on what they already have as squad is very solid – only fans should hope for steady work under Maaskant.

Future: I see them challenging strongly for Polish championship but will they win it? Ask me in May.

Jagiellonia Białystok

Position: 1st, thirty points (9-3-3), 22-13

Review: Fantastic second season under Michał Probierz and when they should not challenge and hope for the best if not after such great round? On their pitch unstoppable – seven wins in seven, while they adopted safer tactics for away games and it proves good, even though they may need to rethink that last decision.

Manager: Michał Probierz – strong contender to step up as national team manager but he says that he is too young to work only one week in three months… and I agree with him – he is too good for that as well. Jaga should keep him for as long as possible, he is like gold for them.

Best player: Kamil Grosicki, Tomasz Frankowski, Grzegorz Sandomierski or Andrius Skerla? Don’t know, far too hard to call it, while Tomasz Kupisz deserves to be mentioned as well.

Should: Continue doing the same things…

Future: …and they may win the title!


Although it is the end of the review, watch the space for something special about first round in Polish league in next two days.

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  1. I dont understand why everyone is wanking over jagiellonia so much, Jagiellonia to win the title? thats a joke if they finish at europa league spot it will be succes