25 lis 2010

Meet the Refs

We all heard about referees' strike in Scotland and been following desperate moves of their federation to find someone available and capable of helping them in getting through that weekend. Or maybe another? Who knows how long will it last. Finally SFA found them in Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Malta. If You want to meet them, here are small CV's of three men in charge of games in Scotland this weekend. All are on professional contracts in Poland, You know (earning 12,000 PLN monthly and for every game also 1,5oo PLN).

Paweł Gil (28.06.1976) - he was in charge of seven Ekstraklasa games so far this season, showed 30 yellow cards and 3 red. The biggest controversy was in last minute of Legia - Jagiellonia (06.11) match that ended 2-0 - visitors goalkeeper came to hosts box for the last free kick (it was 1-0) and Legia cleared it make a counter attack and scored to an open goal but Gil missed that one of Jagiellonia's players was fouled when the move break out. He is very solid though, this wasn't big mistake and he simply couldn't see it - I can't remember any obvious mistake by him lately. He was in charge of Super Cup final last season and this is his sixth in Polish highest division.

Hubert Siejewicz (20.12.1974) was involved in nine games (eight league and one cup match), showing thirty yellow and no red card. No controversy this season as he is one of Polish best referees who was promoted to Ekstraklasa at the beginning of 04/05 season. He become international referee for 2008 and is one since then. Very solid, very communicative with players, not willing to card them straight away but also not afraid of bigger decisions. This season he already made an appearance in Saudi Arabic league. Also refereed one game in Champions League qualifications and one in Europa League qualifications.

Marcin Borski (13.04.1973) is the most experienced from this trio as he is in the highest division for over a decade now (since season 99/00). Also he was in charge of World Cup qualifications game Luxembourg - Moldova in 2008, has FIFA license since 2006 and then made his debut in UEFA Cup. One of newspapers suggested that he was involved in corruption affair that struck Polish football for last few years but he sued them and won the case in court as person having nothing to do with those bribing and bribed in last decade. He was voted as the best referee in Ekstraklasa in 08/09 season by leading football magazine. This season he made nine appearances (2 Europa League games, 1 Polish Cup and 6 Ekstraklasa matches) - 56 yellow and two red cards. This season he had problems in Romania, where he was referee for EL game between Steua and Napoli (3-3). Hosts were leading 3-0 but it ended with a draw after visitors leveled the score in 98th minute, while added time was only four. UEFA did not found anything wrong in his work and fined furious Romanians for their behavior after last whistle. Also, he was in charge of Kazakhstan - Belgium game this season in EURO 2012 qualifications. Belgium won although he disallowed a goal for home side which was a mistake, calling foul on Belgium goalkeeper. Also Kazakh FA said that he should award them a penalty in that game. 

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