5 paź 2010

Ekstraklasa Action Round-Up

Yes, there wasn't too many goals this weekend but still some of the action and, most of all, talk about players, games and managers will be interesting for You. Here is my action round-up.

Unfortunately, three of the eight games this round ended as goalless draws. For the Wisła Kraków - Śląsk Wrocław match, the most interesting thing will be debut of new manager in guests team, 68-year old Orest Lenczyk. He applied defensive tactics for this certain game, picked six defenders in first squad and his plan payed off with the point earned at tough ground. Tough? It will be like that for some of the Wisła's players, as their manager, Robert Maaskant said after getting this disappointing result that he is done with being 'good cop' for them. No revolution in the squad though but fans and the board will expect to see improved team after two weeks of international break.

Another goalless draw, this time in Lubin where Zagłębie met Cracovia. Nothing interesting about this one,  so I'll skip to next match in which Arka Gdynia hosted Polonia Warszawa. This result means very slow start for Paweł Janas as guests manager while Arka is enjoying fairly good record against stronger teams, previously winning at home with league leaders, Jagiellonia Białystok. They could win also this one, but needed more luck or maybe efficiency in fornt of the goal to find the net. I think that Janas picked wrong tactics and will struggle with leading Polonia to the top spots. He is not the man that can read opponents tactics and his team selection up to date is not the best one.

Polonia Bytom drew, 2-2 with Widzew Łódź in very entertaining game. Both teams preferred to attack than defend and it was welcomed by the public. Also it must be pointed out that the visitors bravely choose to take the game to Polonia, not only park the bus and count on counter-attacks for the single goal. Once again Sernas and Robak had a good game in Widzew's attacking line but it must be Bruno Pinheiro that made the difference in the middle and was standing out through-out the game.

Jagiellonia Białystok won luckily visiting Górnik Zabrze, with the only goal coming after good header from Skerla in added time from corner kick. Both team struggled to construct anything earlier on and their chances were limited to long shots than clear situations. GKS Bełchatów won 1-0 against tired Lech Poznań deservedly after another great, attacking performance from their most creative players, Poźniak, Małkowski and Gol. Home team manager bravely picked young team and his motivated players made several impressive moves that caught the eye of pundits and spectators. The only goal of the game came from indirect free kick after Bosacki passed the ball to his own keeper with sliding tackle inside his own box. Silly mistake easily covered by Janusz Popek, into the top corner. Marcus Vinicius with his technique skills stand out in this game - last season he was at trial in Śląsk Wrocław where they said that he wasn't on that level yet, but they will follow him closely. As evidence show, he is good enough and nobody in Wrocław was interested with such move after those trial, after all.

Ruch Chorzów lost at home to Korona Kielce, after Andrzej Niedzielan, former Ruch striker, scored from great though ball played by Edi Andradina. The latter is really getting better with his age, and is 36 years old this season. The most interesting situation in this game happened in the first half, when Pulkowski leveled the score being clearly offside when shooting. The referee called the goal at first, then his assistant clearly recalled the situation and realized he should rise the flag. Connected with the main referee and he changed his decision, more than a minute after the goal. Many said that they should hang on to the first decision they made but fair play to the referees for having the guts to change it not in favor of the home team, after such time.

And the last game, most entertaining one, where Lechia beat Legia Warsaw away, 3-0. Great result and indeed great performance of Lechia team. Their every goal was made of a great move, short passing, one-twos and technique skills that impressed everyone around. For the hosts... well, it seems that lack of one key player, Ivica Vrdoljak, was simply too much but covering his position (CM) with a right-back?! Silly, very silly. Not enough passion, commitment and class to be the better team in this game but also there seems to be a tactical problem in Legia. They try to press high upfield but even if they win the ball, they cannot use it well, convert it into goal situation, shooting opportunity. Skorża's situation looked good after won game against Lech Poznań week ago, but now it seems that the credit is gone and he needs to work with his team during those two weeks.

The league standings are surprising after eight games played, but first about the round. It's the first time in more than 120 league rounds that Wisła, Lech and Legia all failed to score a single goal between themselves. Nice stat? More about it - in last few years it didn't happened that those three clubs have had so small amount of points total (29 now) - as I recall, last year after eight games it was around 50. Interesting, huh?

More about the league table - Jagiellonia are still leading with Korona Kielce, GKS Bełchatów and Lechia Gdańsk being just behind them. All of the teams are managed by young coaches and I hope that this season is the time when they will finally step up and show their potential. Yes, Michał Probierz (Jagiellonia), Marcin Sasal (Korona), Marcin Bartoszek (GKS) and Tomasz Kafarski (Lechia Gdańsk) - I'm talking about You. Don't mess it up, please. Ekstraklasa needs something more than the usual top three of Lech, Wisła and Legia.

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