2 wrz 2010

Hot seats

Using international break rightly, I found it a good moment to asses managers position in Ekstraklasa clubs. I tried to form four groups and hopefully You'll get my point of view and found it interesting read.

New ones

Robert Maaskant (Wisła Kraków) - Dutch manager signed just 10 days ago and he will stay for at least season in Kraków.

Maciej Bartoszek (GKS Bełchatów) - unexperienced but doing really well with club that got through the summer with many, many changes in first squad. Looks like a good tactician, involved in every game from his position. Worth a close look in his first year in senior football management.

Maciej Skorża (Legia Warszawa) - he is staying in his job as his task is to adopt and make a team out of bunch of individuals that failed to make it to Europe last season. Huge investments done in the summer must pay off on the pitch rather sooner than later and Skorża knows it.

Andrzej Kretek (Widzew Łódź) - everybody found it strange that he was appointed after Janas moved to Polonia Warszawa but doing well in the first rounds, even though his team is playing rather rough football than enjoyable. But it is all about points and they are getting them.


Jacek Zieliński (Lech Poznań) - after disappointing campaign in Champions League his team advanced to Europa League and after drawing City and Juve no one expects to make miracles out of it. In the league the team needs improvement and he knows it but it will come with the class he has in the squad.

Marcin Sasal (Korona Kielce) - he had tough task before the season to change the shape of the club youth system and prepare first team... and at least with the second he is doing well. Involved Andrzej Niedzielan very nicely, built the team around him and it looks nice for now.

Michał Probierz (Jagiellonia Białystok) - probably the brightest star of Polish football management in Poland now. His team is playing free flowing football and his project at Jagiellonia is almost job done... but after winning Polish Cup there is only one trophy left for him to win - championship. But in Białystok only whispers about it for now and maybe that is good thing.

Waldemar Fornalik (Ruch Chorzów) - His team changed, lost very important players and he will not repeat the success of last season when his team finished third in the league. It will be rather year of mixed results but he will stay in his job as he fits there perfectly.

Watch Your back

Adam Nawałka (Górnik Zabrze) - Lots of things changed since last league round when Górnik gone promoted - especially about the squad. Sometimes Górnik looks clueless, and sometimes they are fighting for their lives. It will be more of the second this season, also for the manager.

Marek Bajor (Zagłębie Lubin) - He has perfect and understandable explanation (personal problems) for the weak start of the season for his team  but if their home form will not get better he may be soon looking for a job. Needs to bring the spirit that he had in the squad in last season.

Ryszard Tarasiewicz (Śląsk Wrocław) - He said earlier that he knows what the stake is for him and after good start lost two last games and will do everything not to let the last appearance happen ever again. If so, winter could be decisive for him as the club already may have possible replacement candidates.

Tomasz Kafarski (Lechia Gdańsk) - While the club is in conflict with its fans, he must continue building the team that will gather at least 30,000 people at new stadium next season. Looked for a striker all summer and signed two in the last day of the transfer window but nobody knows how it will turn out. Not even manager himself.

On the verge

Jose Maria Bakero (Polonia Warszawa) - In the ever present conflict with club owner, he is very close to being sacked even though his club is top of the league. Now the style is the problem, but also man management as they only need one lost game to wave him goodbye. It will come rather sooner than later.

Dariusz Pasieka (Arka Gdynia) - He is decent person, very reasonable and football wise but his team may be not good enough to stay in the league and hopeless from saving them, the club may look for replacement. 

Jurij Szatałow (Polonia Bytom) - Nobody gave them chance to survive, they budget is very small compared to other teams... but the club expects better, at least from home form. If the better results won't come, he will be sacked.

Rafał Ulatowski (Cracovia) - The man in need of a win. Lost four first games in Ekstraklasa after preparing the team for a season that should be a breakthrough for the club. New team, better player, new system, new stadium... But he needs point to prove his rights and they must come very, very soon.

2 komentarze:

  1. I can't believe Wojciechowski is threatening Bakero with the sack. Owners should stay out of the way and let the managers/players do the job. Polonia have the money to be a big player in the league but if Wojciechowski is firing managers left and right they won't succeed.

  2. But he is. He said that last game in Łódź was pathetic (in truth - it was) from his point of view and Bakero is not using right tactics. I guess he will search for a manager that will do exactly what Wojciechowski wants sooner or later. Don't think that it will be Janas though.