28 lip 2010

1st League preview - part two

So after yesterdays part with teams that will have problems to stay in the league, now it's time for clubs that are too strong to be among those relegated but have not enough quality to be something more. Also, in part one You could read about the league, how poor it is, and why it may be interesting to watch and observe. So tonight, I'm taking another step in this introduction and I want to describe the future of this league. Brighter than it looks at the first sight.

First of all, after teams in Ekstraklasa do everything to change looks of their stadiums (and will see that it's good for their budgets too), hopefully boards of teams from lower division will do the same. Now You can see that few clubs from 2nd League (3rd Division) are building small stadiums perfect for their needs, for their fans. So, 1st League will be better because of stadiums. But it's not the whole case.

Television must improve their bid and made it profitable for clubs to sell right to watch the league. Now public TV in Poland is giving them really small amounts of money, showing games in poor quality and on closed sports channel. There's not even a show about games. It must change. People will notice the league, so will sponsors cause money is now the main thing and difference between Ekstraklasa and 1st League. Being 14th in Ekstraklasa gets You around 5mln zloty, and being 3rd in the 1st League TV pay about 1/50 of this sum.

So what about football? It's not that bad actually, but clubs are relying too much on loaning players from Ekstraklasa, sometimes being like their reserves. They must develope players themselves, build from the beginning academies and schooling systems. But they won't without help for Polish FA, that's obvious. And here the circle closes. PFA is not interested in changes, don't see problems in allowing some teams not to fulfill license terms. Then they play on small stadias, without TV coverage, on sick hours in the middle of the week when most of normal people is at work. Changes must go from the PFA.

Ok, now is the time for the group of six teams that, for me, will stay safely in the league but do nothing more, simply cause they are not interested in it (or financially not ready for the success).

Team: Flota Świnoujscie
About: They lost several players during this summer but once again we can be sure that Petr Nemec will prepare them very well. And they have some great prospects and quality in attack.
Best player: hard to call but I choose Przemysław Rygielski. He will keep the team solid at the back.
The weakest link: Probably the midfield, not much experience there.

Team: GKS Katowice
About: After few very poor years, it seems that they finally found proper sponsor and will try to build success on that. Huge fan base, and some great prospects in the team. Actually I think that they may be a black horse during this season
Best player: Piotr Piechniak - signed from Ekstraklasa, will be too good for many defenders in 1st League
The weakest link: Keepers, only one experienced and two youngsters...

Team: KSZO Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
About: They have lovely little stadium (even national team played there) and made good deals of older players.
Best player: Really hard to tell, but someone from the trio: Rafał Lasocki, Adrian Sobczyński and Adrian Frańczak
The weakest link: Short of numbers in defence and attack, looking to strengthen those position in next weeks.

Team: Górnik Łęczna
About: Another smart arena in 1st League, but team not matching their prospects for few years now. Time to change that? I really like what they did at transfer market...
Best player: Jakub Wierzchowski - keeper with great reflex and experience.
The weakest link: Very hard to call, maybe the coach, Mirosław Jabłoński. Didn't impress in last few seasons either...

Team: MKS Kluczbork
About: Small town but ambitious team, also well directed and build. Smart coach did not made many deals during this summer but loaned out two players and that was all he needed.
Best player: Grzegorz Skwara - once again I mention older player but he is the heart of his team.
The weakest link: Keeper position. Two equal players to fight for one place, but this doesn't mean that they're any good.

Team: Piast Gliwice
About: Relegated from Ekstraklasa, and about to start building new stadium, relatively small fan base. Lost Glik (to Palermo), Wilczek (to Zagłębie Lubin) and Olszar (to Ruch Chorzów) but they've now one of the bigger budgets in 1st League.
Best player: Jakub Biskup - wonder why he stayed in the team that got relegated? Good winger.
The weakest link: Only two strikers in their squad.

So, this is it. On Friday there should be the last part with the teams that have the biggest chance to fight for promotion, and also few words about first round of the games.

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  1. Excellent read and look forward to keeping updated with Polish football through your site. As a Liverpool fan, can you help me choose an equivalent (or sort of) Polish team to follow>