31 lip 2010

1st League preview - part three

Sorry for the lack of this part yesterday (if anyone's reading it), been busy with other stuff. Today is the big league start, but only one game per round will be shown by public TV (in their closed sports channel - good that I have it). And this first round is also very interesting one, but to fully understand what is good in the league start, You must finish preview of the league, and last four teams which in my prediction will fight for the promotion.

Team: ŁKS Łódź
About: Lots of thing changed in this club, apart from danger of not starting in the league. But now there's new board, sponsors, players, coach... It's whole new team. Made really great transfers...
Best player: Marcin Mięciel - signed from Legia, should be scare for defenders in the League
The weakest link: Another team that has only three strikers. One injury and they've problems.

Team: Pogoń Szczecin
About: They must advance now, everything has been made to celebrate promotion at the end of the season. Signed experienced players, that could be very promising mixture with some of very talented youngsters in their squad.
Best player: Bartosz Ława - signed from Arka Gdynia, should be true leader in the middle.
The weakest link: Very hard to tell, they've got every position covered, so maybe it's the coach? No, Mandrysz took them to cup final last season. It's the pressure - with this squad they simply must win it.

Team: Sandecja Nowy Sącz
About: Impressed last season but now it'll be harder. Maybe not necessary fighting for promotion, albeit they may make several surprising results and then be near top.
Best player: Dariusz Gawęcki - very important midfielder, influential as well for the team.
The weakest link: Nobody will disregard them now, there's expectation after very good season, may crush them.

Team: Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biała
About: That's may be surprising after they fought to the last match to survive last season but things changed and for better. Still they have very strong squad, made good transfers.
Best player: Dariusz Kołodziej - had not the best season, but must step up to the leader role in the team. Watch out for his shooting, great power in left foot he has.
The weakest link: Manager, Robert Kasperczyk. He got it wrong so many times in the first 6 months in this job, that I wonder how he survived. Let's see if anything changed.

So, this is it. Finally, before describing You first round of the 1st League, time for my prediction. I think that after long season Dolcan Ząbki, Kolejarz Stróże will be relegated for sure, but two next relegations spots are harder to bet. I guess that Bruk Bet Nieciecza will have many problems in their first ever season at this stage, Ruch Radzionków has financial problems, so has Warta Poznań. Also Odra Wodzisław can be hit by new environment after releasing 18 players from squad that struggled to stay in Ekstraklasa. Also GKP Gorzów Wielkopolski must hope for better season and do more to survive.

So who's going to gain promotion? Pogoń Szczecin and ŁKS Łódź are very strong contenders albeit I wouldn't check out chances of Piast Gliwice, also a lot changed (for good) in two another teams, GKS Katowice and Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biała. If Sandecja will keep up the good game they showed us last season, we may be surprised even more...

First round of the league today, great news really! It starts with match of teams relegated from Ekstraklasa, Odra Wodzisław Śląski v Piast Gliwice (2)*, and may be very negative start for the hosts. Also today newly promoted Ruch Radzionków plays against MKS Kluczbork (X), Górnik Polkowice has a challenge against Górnik Łęczna (1), KSZO battles against Flota (X), and on new stadium in Poznań, Warta will play against LKS Nieciecza (X2). Tomorrow, Kolejarz Stróże hosts Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biała (2), and in the most interesting game in this round, two promotion rivals face each other, ŁKS Łódź plays with Pogoń Szczecin (X2). Shame it's not on TV, could be great game. In the last game of this round, on Wednesday, Sandecja Nowy Sącz visits GKP Gorzów Wielkopolski (2).

* - that are my tips obviously, 1 stand for the hosts, 2 for the guests, X for the draw. Don't take me for granted, please:)

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